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Authors: Robyn Carr
already got my résumé out there floating around. There are lots of possibilities.”
    â€œThat’s just it, Bob, there aren’t, ” she said to his back. “Everyone is still trying to get their furloughedemployees back. Some airlines are laying off even more.”
    He turned and spoke while taking a few steps backward. “I’m not worried. I have a ton of hours and lots of experience. I think I’m pretty competitive.”
    Nikki just stared at him in wonder. “Not if they see you land.”

    W hen Nikki got to Dixie’s, she walked in on an impressive pity party. Carlisle and Dixie were drinking mai tais with black rum floating on top, eating cheesecake and sorting through a big pile of men’s and women’s clothing that was heaped on the sofa.
    â€œOh, you are going to hate yourselves in the morning,” she predicted.
    â€œWant one, Nick? We can call you a cab….”
    â€œHow about a small glass of wine and an explanation.”
    Both were served up quickly. Dixie had whacked Branch in the head with the hotel door, and even though she’d done so unintentionally, she hadn’t made any attempt to help him. She’d heard him moan and stumble away, and at least briefly hoped he was dead.
    Nikki sank onto a kitchen stool and leaned her head on her hand, listening.
    â€œI think I might’ve had fifty boyfriends,” Dixie said. “Or a hundred. Do ya’ll know I have eleven tennis bracelets? Plus a good many necklaces, earrings and miscellaneous jewelry. And look at this here,” she said, going to the huge mound of clothes on the sofa. She lifted a fistful of sheer and lacy lingerie. Red, black, silver, gold, white, yellow— leopard? “Negligees, teddies and peekaboos—some I’ve fetched for myself, somegiven to me. All so that I can look sexy for whichever guy I pinned my hopes on.”
    â€œWhat are you going to do with all that stuff?”
    â€œPutting it out on the curb for giveaway. I’m getting Bali bras and Jockey For Her briefs from now on, and I’m going to start sleeping in a T-shirt like the rest of the female human race. And the next guy who gives me a teddy is going to be strangled with it.”
    Nikki took a sip of her wine. Not only had she never been given a teddy, she had never bought one for herself. She’d worn cotton undies for ten years at least. And if she was honest, she didn’t really need a bra.
    â€œThe homeless are going to look très chic, ” Carlisle said, slurring just slightly.
    â€œI’ve heard you swear off men before…” Nikki began.
    â€œOh, no, this time I’m through. I hate all men.”
    â€œThat is s-o-o-o unkind,” Carlisle whined.
    â€œNot all men, precious,” she said. “I still love all gay men. Well, not all,” she amended.
    â€œYou’re both shit-faced,” Nikki told them.
    â€œIt might seem so to you, Nicole,” Carlisle said, “but we have been so badly bruised by love.”
    She looked at him seriously for a moment before she burst into laughter, and with the slightest lisp, said, “Carlisle, you get s-o-o-o gay when you’re drunk.”
    â€œThanks, Butch,” he shot back, taking another pull on his mai tai.
    â€œSo what’s your story?” she asked. “What’s driven you to drink? And are you giving up your sexy underwear, too?”
    â€œIt’s just Robert, the bastard. He’s chronically unfaithful and nasty to me. And I don’t wear underwear.” Then he began to sing “Alone Again, Naturally.” Bythe end of the first stanza they were on the floor in uncontrollable laughter.
    Nikki indulged herself with another half glass of wine, just because her friends were so hysterically funny in their misery. “As much as I’d love to stay until you two get sick, I really do have to go,” she said at last. “I have two

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