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knew there was something different about him the moment they were introduced.
    No, it
wasn’t just his blinding good looks. It wasn’t even his money or the obviously
expensive clothes he wore. It was more about the power he exuded; the sensation
that he was some lethal beast barely holding himself back from seizing his
suspected prey.
    Oh fuck
he’s hot, she thought, as she shook hands with Heath Mayer. She’d heard about their chief exec being quite the hunk, but did anyone have
the right to be so freaking sexy? He just had to breathe and he was any girl’s
hottest fantasy.
six feet tall, wide shoulders, narrow waist – all round solid, hard. He
had the kind of arresting face you’d see on any of those high fashion men’s
magazines. Brooding good looks with the chiseled jaw and
smoky eyes. His were a piercing grey, with hair
so dark it seemed to have blue streaks in them. He had on a three
piece suit that fit him perfectly, and gave the impression that his clothes
cost more than Megan earned in a year.
    “This is
Miss Kerry,” her superior, the VP of sales and marketing, was saying as he
introduced her to the owner and CEO of the company. She shook hands with the
hunky Heath Mayer, and it was all Megan could do to focus on anything or anyone
else but the specimen of utter male beauty standing before her. Her normally well collected , sensible brain almost shut down as she
blinked beneath his arresting grey stare.
this is the talented market strategist we have on our team,” Heath Mayer said,
finally releasing her hand. It was only then that Megan remembered to breathe
again. Whoa, his touch had sent an electric charge up her arm – making
her feel more alive than she had in a long time. His photos simply had never
done him justice, she thought firmly to herself. She remembered catching
glimpses of his picture in society magazines, newspapers and even once she’d seen him on TV. But nothing had prepared her for
meeting her boss face to face.
you, Mr. Mayer; I’m honored you invited me to head office to plan the new sales
structure for the company,” she said politely in reply at last.
already told me you’re the best we have – probably the best in the city,”
Heath drawled as he indicated a seat in the spacious, ultra- modern office. “I
hope we’re paying you enough to ensure we don’t get you nicked away by the
doubt anyone could offer me enough to make me want to leave my job at Mayer
Consulting. I love working for you, sir.”
almost wanted to bite her lip at her gushing words. But then he suddenly
smiled, and it was like the whole world was just blinding light for a second.
glad to be able to impact my employee to such level of loyalty. Well, why don’t
we sit down and the meeting can get under way?”
meeting was a very brief one. After all, Heath Mayer was a multi-millionaire
financial whiz with the world at his feet, clamoring for his attention. His
secretary had managed to hold all calls but it was obvious he had little time
for the brief pep talk he’d called them in for.
I already like what you guys in sales are doing for the company. Whatever it
is, it’s working. I just felt like there were a few tweaks I’d like us to overview.
So tell you what,” he said casually, rising to his feet. Both Megan and her
boss Lionel also hurried to stand as Heath Mayer buttoned up his suit, “Why
don’t we fix some kind of business lunch, Miss Kerry, where you can run things
by me one more time? After all, the whole plan is your baby, so I’d like you to
make the presentation to me as soon as possible. How about Thursday? I have a
free lunch hour then.”
barely had time to piece her fuddled thoughts together. Lunch, Thursday, with
Heath Mayer, her boss – her overall boss. Even Lionel looked a bit
surprised but then, he was probably thinking the same thing

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