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Free BIG SHOT LOVE: 5 Billionaire Romance Books Bundle by Kristina Weaver

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Authors: Kristina Weaver
in love with her ? But she’s so—”
    “Perfect. Yes, we all quite agree,” Vic drawls, strolling in like the lazy, happy lord of the manner.
    If I look closely, I’m sure I’ll see a canary feather peeking out of his mouth. Or a drop of cream. Only the man’s more like a lion than a cat, and if he’s a lion, his son is most definitely not a tame pussycat either.
    “This is ridiculous. Whatever would you see in a girl like her?” she rails, jumping to her feet in a fit.
    I pause and hold my breath, recalling that time Cameron had asked me the very same thing. What did Rob see in you?
    I didn’t know how to answer then, and I don’t know now, I just hope it’s a smidge more complimentary than he’s been thus far. The man blows hotter than a furnace before going arctic so I never know what to expect from one moment to the next.
    “The list is quite endless I assure you, but if you really must know…she’s kind, caring, she has a dead sexy arse when she’s not trying to hide it, though I don’t mind that much since I don’t like other blokes looking at what’s mine. Oh yes, and she’s not a bloody liar like so many woman I know.”
    Well…that was just…wow.
    I make a choking sound that only carries to him and feel a responding squeeze before he pulls me in and kisses my forehead.
    “And she’s not trying to palm her lover’s child off on me. We’re in this together. My blood inside her.”
    “Cameron, I—”
    “I think you should leave, dear. We’re having a family celebration, and you are most certainly not welcome. Victor dear, please do something about the riffraff.”
    The scene she makes while being escorted out is in no way pretty, but I can’t really find the will to pay much attention. No, my attention is firmly fixed on a grinning Cameron and the satisfaction I see in his eyes.
    “What did you do?”

Chapter Twelve
    I’m balls deep in the only woman who has ever made me feel this desperate and well and fulfilled all at once, and I want it to last forever. The pleasure is a great, swirling tidal wave that knocks me back and flings me up even as the strong contractions surrounding my dick pull me back down and focus my every nerve right on her and the pleasure I see exploding on her face.
    When it ebbs, leaving only the light glow of satiation and fatigue, I pull out and fall to the side, chuckling when she stretches sensuously and pulls the sheet up, turning on her side to face me.
    “You can’t keep sexing me up just to avoid the issue, Stone.” She growls. “We need to talk about this. Please.”
    I feel my muscles tense and prepare for the argument I’ve avoided for days. First, I’d begged off, pleading a full work schedule, and when that gets me nowhere, I fuck her to exhaustion and sleep with her cuddled around me, waking early enough to be gone before she rises.
    Mum and Dad are, of course, over the moon at this new development and fob Shaw off whenever she starts arguing about the craziness of the whole situation. I can’t say what had possessed me to do what I did.
    Perhaps it was the way Lettie had strolled in and expected a warm reception. Perhaps it was the disdainful way she’d been looking at Shaw. I can’t say if it was one or the other or maybe a combination of both, but I’d gone with instinct and just claimed her, stamping my mark on her for all the world to see.
    And I’m not bloody regretting it either.
    If that baby is Rob’s I will love it no less than if it were my own. If it isn’t his and it turns out she lied, well, I find myself not giving a damn either way.
    Fact is that baby is now mine along with his mum, and I fully intend to keep them. Whether Shaw agrees to that or not.
    “What’s to talk about, baby? Did you not see the papers yesterday? And the day before? And the day before that? You are my fiancée. We met in Spain, where you were running with the bulls and had a wild, passionate love affair only for you to discover that

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