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Authors: Deirdre Martin
then we warm up and skate. Then after the game we have to shower, and—”
    â€œI get the picture.”
    â€œNot me. I need to hear more about the shower,” said Marcus. Delilah gave him another small kick under the table.
    Delilah turned to Jason. She was determined to keep focused, making sure her sentences were straightforward and simple so she didn’t turn into Babbling Brook or Betsy Blurt and embarrass herself. “When you have a game, what time do you leave Stanley, and what time do you come home?”
    â€œWell, in Minneapolis, I would usually leave my place any time between three and four, and I’d get home whenever.” His gaze darted away.
    â€œWhenever,” Marcus repeated with a purr. “Now there’s a nice vague phrase.” A look passed between the two men. Delilah was unsure whether Jason was amused or annoyed.
    â€œYou walk him before you go to Met Gar?” she continued, trying to piece together a timeline in her mind. Jason nodded.
    â€œSo, you’d want me to come by and walk him at what—eight? Nine?”
    â€œBetween nine and ten would probably be good.”
    â€œMmm.” Delilah snuck a sideways glance at him. He looked tired; his face was slightly drawn, and there was the faint beginnings of bags beneath his eyes. Still, he exuded a certain masculine vitality even at this early hour. Delilah wondered if that was true of all athletes, or if it was something unique to Jason. She’d ask Marcus after Jason left. If anyone would have an opinion on the matter, it would be Marcus.
    A thought struck Delilah. “How did you manage to come home ‘whenever’ when you had home games in Minnesota?”
    â€œI had a doggie door in my house. He could go in and out as he pleased.”
    â€œI would kill to see a doggie door big enough for a Newf,” Marcus chortled.
    Jason chuckled in response, but there was no mistaking the continuing appeal in his eyes as he looked at Delilah.
    â€œCan you help me out? Please?”
    Delilah sighed. “Here’s the thing.” You’re sitting so close to me that our legs are touching and I’m having a hard time concentrating. “The only dogs I walk at night are those boarding with me, as well as my own, obviously.”
    â€œBut couldn’t you make an exception? I’d pay you double. Triple. Whatever you want.”
    â€œLet me think.” Delilah suppressed a yelp as the toe of Marcus’s sneaker connected firmly with her shin.
    â€œOh, c’mon, Lilah, you can do it,” Marcus urged. “You’re always at home at night anyway.” Delilah glared at him. “What I mean is, Delilah can be a bit of homebody,” Marcus quickly amended, flashing Jason a very charming smile. “I didn’t mean to make it sound like she doesn’t have a life.” Even though you don’t , Marcus’s expression said as he sucked in his cheeks disparagingly.
    â€œDelilah, I’m begging.” Jason’s gaze remained riveted to her face. Delilah felt her pulse stutter. His eyes were gorgeous, especially right now as they pleaded with her. Delilah wondered how many other women had fallen prey to their charm.
    Delilah broke eye contact. “Okay, here’s the deal,” she said, taking a sip of coffee. “I’ll do it as long as it’s not every night.”
    â€œIt’s not! Only on game nights.”
    â€œOnly on game nights during the week,” Delilah amended for him. “Weekends are out unless he’s boarding with me. I do have a life, you know.” She shot Marcus a pointed look. Marcus pressed his lips together. Delilah could tell he was suppressing a snort.
    Jason frowned. “Maybe we could negotiate something if it happens to be a weekend and you’re free.”
    â€œMaybe,” said Delilah, wondering if this was what her mother meant when she would say, “Make him chase you.” If she

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