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Authors: Theresa Taylor
at work you know. While he’s dick - tating notes to me. We have key words and at each
word I remove an item of clothing. When I’m naked I suck him off until he comes
in my mouth.”
     Karen screamed in anger and tried to throw her off but Claire
just laughed and sat back.
    “Richard darling, your poor flat chested , pissy lesbian slut needs some cock. Stop wasting it and
give her some.”
    Richard stood and knelt on the edge of the bed as Claire forced Karen
to turn her head to the side to face him. He positioned himself before her and
held his swollen erect cock to her lips. Karen took it in her mouth and began
to suck hungrily on it. In all their years together she had never felt him so
hard or seen him so aroused. It made her hungry for him. Hungry
to take him and taste him. If only she could have him fuck her!
    Claire meanwhile reached over the side of the bed for her bag and after
a moment of rummaging she threw it back to the floor again.
    “That’s a good little lesbian” she continued “good lesbian, sucking
    Karen broke for a moment from gorging on Richards pulsing glans.
    “I’m not a lesbian, you bitch.”
    “Oh but you are sweetheart.” Claire scoffed “You want me to fuck
you. I know it. I’m sat here looking at your gapping, dripping cunt and it’s
just pleading with me to fuck it.”
    “Go fuck yourself!” Karen barked.
    “Shall I lick you? Or finger you?” Claire asked ignoring Karen’s angry
    Karen bit her lip fighting down the delicious thoughts of attention,
any attention, being given to her cunt. She snatched Richard’s cock into her
mouth and lashed it with her tongue.
    “I could give you a good fisting,” Claire continued “or fuck you with a vibro ”
    Karen groaned.
    “Or maybe I could fuck with my strap-on cock?”
    Karen spun her head around to look at Claire. She was kneeling behind
her, a smug smile on her face, and a large strap-on cock tied to her groin.
    “Well?” Claire purred “Are you a lesbian slut or not?”
    Karen stared at the golden haired, buxom blonde. Her blouse was open
and her bra was pushed down and her ample breasts hung freely. Her nipples were
erect. Her skirt was pulled up around her waist; the long black penis shaped
dildo protruding in front of her.
    Karen said nothing but turned back and took Richard in her mouth and
went back to work on his cock.
    She felt the weight of Claire adjusting herself on the bed, then she placed a hand on the small of Karens back. The head of the strap-on nudged against her lips and before Karen could
react it was thrust quickly and slickly in to her aching cunt. She squealed a
muffled squeal and gasped around Richards rigid
    Claire then began to thrust, long deep thrusts, working her hips back
and forth, somewhat clumsily Karen thought for a moment. But she didn’t care.
She was getting what her body demanded. Man or woman, Claire was right. She
didn’t give a damn.
    “Just fuck me bitch!” Karen screamed releasing Richard from her mouth
for a moment.
    “You see you are lesbian slut!” Claire announced breathlessly. Karen
sucked hard on him sensing that he was close and almost immediately he started
to buck in her mouth. Her cunt clasped down around the rigid intruder inside
her as wave after wave of orgasm racked her body. She was only partially aware
of gulping down Richard’s cum as his twitching manhood spat its thick juice
into her mouth.
    Gasping, Claire thrust defiantly into her. Karen lifted herself as much
as she could as Claire wrapped her hands around beneath her grasping Karen’s
breasts and pinched her nipples.
    Even as Richards cock grew limp in her mouth and fell away Karen could
here Claire still gasping, feel the deep forceful thrusting as she grunted
insults “Fucking lesbian slut! You fucking pathetic bitch!”
as she forced every last ounce of orgasm from Karen’s body. Karen didn’t
want it to stop, ever, awash as she was by orgasm. As angered by

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