Tension : A Bad Boy Mafia Romance

Free Tension : A Bad Boy Mafia Romance by Rose Cody

Book: Tension : A Bad Boy Mafia Romance by Rose Cody Read Free Book Online
Authors: Rose Cody
    “I’m trying, I’m trying.” She says, wiping away her tears as she tries her best to swallow the lump in her throat.
    “Let him in.” He says, backing up out of the foyer into the living room, the barrel of his gun locked on her. “And if you say anything… ANYTHING at all about me at all I will not hesitate to shoot you dead.”
      She nods her head up and down, the lump in her throat returning.
    “Get him inside. Shut and lock the door behind him. Do NOT say a word!” He continues, motioning with his gun towards the door.
      Olivia wipes her eyes one last time before unlocking the deadbolt on her front door. She wraps her trembling fingers around the knob, turning it nervously before pushing on it to open her heavy front door.
    “Olivia…” Vincent whispers, reaching up to wipe away her tears with his thumb.
      She sniffs, her eyes welling even further as she hesitates before stepping backwards out of the doorway to let him inside.
    “We have to talk, Olivia…” He says, walking into her foyer as she closes the door and turns the deadbolt. “I can’t just leave last night like it was…”
      She bursts, her bravery waving as she lets out a sob when she sees the fat gunman walk into the foyer with them.
    “I’m so sorry.” She whispers. “I’m so, so sorry…”
      Vincent takes a heavy breath, his eyebrows furrowing as he turns his head toward the intruder.
    “Tabone.” He says, lifting his head up coyly as he turns his shoulders towards him.
    “Time to get this deal done, Vincent Condello.” He says deeply as he lifts his gun toward him. “I’m sure we’ll be able to work something out.”

Chapter 21
      Vincent lifts his hands into the air, narrowing his eyes as he clenches his jaw before shaking his head.
    “Joe Tabone.” Vincent says. “What are you doing here, Joe?”
      The fat man shakes his gun in the air, his face reddening as his panic grows.
    “Everybody get into the living room!” He shouts, quickly walking over to them, pointing the gun to their backs as he pushes them forward. “Or else I kill your little girlfriend over here!”
    “This? This is your plan?” Vincent says, chuckling as they walk into the living room. “If you think a hostage situation is going to get you a slice of my pie, you’re mistaken.”
    “I bet you’d do a lot to save this pretty girl, though, wouldn’t you Mr. Condello?” Joe says, dragging the barrel of the gun across Olivia’s cheek. “You wouldn’t want to see anything happen to her, right?”
      Vincent bites his bottom lip, his eyes darkening before he breathes out a heavy chuckle.
    “Her?” He says, his eyes gazing toward Olivia. “I don’t care about what happens to her. I came here to fire her for not coming into work this morning.”
    “I’ve seen you two together!” The fat man wails as he pushes Olivia to the ground.
      She crumples, covering her mouth to quiet her sobs as she looks towards Vincent.
      His chest heaves as he fights the urge to run over to her.
    “Here, I can prove it.” He says, slowly lowering his hand and reaching into his jacket pocket before gingerly pulling out the contract. “Her contract. You’ve kidnapped my cleaning lady. And not even one of the good ones, but the one I was here to fire…”
    “Let me see that!” Joe says, lunging towards Vincent to grab the contract.
    “Sure.” Vincent says coyly, tossing the document to the ground beside the fat man’s feet.
      He watches as the papers flutter to the ground before he grunts in frustration as he bends over to pick them up
    “Yeah, see, right there.” Vincent says, wasting no time before quickly and swiftly kicking the tip of his polished shoe into the man’s shoulder, knocking him to the ground.
      Vincent drops to the ground, straddling the man and pinning him as he tries to roll over

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