On a Razor's Edge

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Authors: K. F. Breene
holding mine hungrily. “I love you,” he said as he undid his pants and slipped them down his muscular thighs. His erection sprung free, large and bobbing.
    He took my hand and brought me closer, lifting my legs to each side of him, allowing me to kneel on the bench and position my body over his. His tip pushed past my lips slowly until he had sheathed himself completely, filling me up.
    I hug ged him, showing him my throat, craving that deeper connection. The scrape of his tooth exhilarated me, offsetting the sweet rush of him inside my body. Pain, like pinching, blossomed at the base of my neck. My gasp immediately turned into a moan; his suction reached all the way through my body, tingling my groin as he dove in and out, the pleasure from the contrast something I could barely comprehend with sensations so complex.
    I rocked harder, my body feeling that pull, then the wet slide, tingles overcoming me. I sucked in magic, fire and air mostly, the others swirling in, too, and poured it into his body along with my essence, wanting to share myself with him in this new, magical way.
    With each pull my chest grew hotter, my limbs humming, the connection with him deep inside me exploding. Stefan moaned, his lips still at my throat, thrusting into me as I pounded down on him. The pressure mounted, at a crest now, so tight.
    “Oh , G—od!” I cried, blasting apart, the very seams of my being coming undone.
    Stefan shuddered into me a second later, hugging me with ragged breaths. He leaned against my chest, his ear to my heart. “Lovely.”
    “That was fun,” I murmured contentedly, draping across him. “Let’s go to sleep. It’s been a long day.”
    Fifteen minutes later we walked down the hall toward his room, only to find Charles sitting outside. “Hey, Boss, Sasha. Heard about the trip, wanted to talk to you—ˮ
    Charles squinted at Stefan. “Sasha, step away for a quick sec, would you?”
    I took one step, my hand still in Stefan’s.
    “Boss…you… Sasha, go another step. Actually, go in the room for a second.”
    “What’s the matter?” Stefan asked in a deep growl.
    Charles put up his hands immediately. “Did she mark you, somehow? Can humans do that? You know what, you two have issues, that’s all I’m saying.”
    Stefan stared at him.
    “I’m stepping out of line, and I know it,” Charles continued, “But Jonas guarding her on this trip is a terrible idea. He can’t be trusted. He said something about other plans before you banished him for a time. Just a thought, but that’s a weird coincidence, you know? So, he has got to be a no-go. I can protect her, along with Snow White.”
    “Go to bed , Charles, before you say something you can’t unsay,” I said quietly, watching the edge creep quickly into Stefan’s eyes.
    “Yeah, good call. I want a day off. Also, good night.” Charles trudged away, the least graceful I had ever seen him.
    “He had his legs crossed when you froze us all. His balls got extremely hot and sweaty in that hour.” Stefan chuckled as we walked into his section of the mansion. “I felt bad for the guy.”
    “He deals with a lot around me,” I said sadly. “I love having him around—he’s like a brother to me—but maybe you should rotate him out. He’s got to be sick of the bodyguard detail.”
    Stefan sighed and unceremoniously stripped. “I’ll talk to him about it. For now, though, I’m exhausted.” He reached for me, folding me within his strong arms, then sighed gratefully. “G’night, mate.”
    I didn’t mention that he sounded Australian.
    “You are worried.”
    Stefan glanced at Dominicous on his right before returning to the final preparations in front of him. It had been a short two weeks since Dominicous and Toa showed up, but the Regional had lost no time. Today the delegates left to visit and make repairs with the largest nuisance in the history of the world: those damn Shape Changers. Stefan would ban them all from his side

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