Past Present
you’re not here.”
    “Did you send the copy to Danny?”
    “Yes, he’s coming tomorrow to get a few more photographs, now that everything is almost complete. He says that he thinks our new website will be up within a couple of days.”
    “That’s marvellous, darling. Did he like your piece about Falconworth?”
    “Yes, he loved it. I’ve been doing lots more research, Matty. I have so much to tell you.”
    “I’ll bet he loved it, and you too, Puss, they all do. I’ve seen the way they look at you. The workers, panting for a share of you.”
    “Oh, Matty, what am I going to do with you? You’re insatiable.”
    “I know, Puss, isn’t it wonderful?” he said, moving into the room and closing the oak door behind him. “Totally soundproof, splendid.”
    “You’ve only been away a day and a night.”
    “As I said…” Matthew cut of his own speech, bending to her, crushing his mouth against hers in a fierce embrace. “Did you like my little notes?” He pulled away, studying her face, red marks already livid on the pale skin of her chin.
    “They were…interesting and stimulating.”
    “Did you follow my orders, exactly? Every one?”
    “Yes,” Eleanor whispered, her eyes fixed on his, the emerald of his irises seemed to spark and dance as he considered her answer.
    “Did you make a recording?”
    “Let’s watch.”
    “What about the men? They’re still finishing off, and they’re all over the house.”
    “Eleanor, the men are of no concern to me, and they should not be of any consideration to you. They will get on with their work, which should not take them to this part of the house since it is complete. However, the foreman knows where we are, and if he wishes to come looking, so be it.”
    “Very well, Matthew, as you wish.”
    Eleanor set the recording in motion while Matthew settled himself into an armchair.
    “Sit here on my lap, Puss, I want to play while we watch. I hope you’re naked underneath that dress. As requested in the note you should have found this morning.”
    “Good. Well then, let’s see how you got along shall we?”
    Matthew pressed the button to summon sound and vision while the image of the girl on his lap, filled the screen.
    Eleanor had fashioned a dildo from a root of ginger, leaving a suitable piece to grab at one end. A trickle of alarm warned that she must be able to retract the root at any time. She had seen far too many accidents when working at the hospital and there was no way she intended to be the victim of sex-play gone wrong and the subject of dinner party stories for the staff. No, she would be careful to carry out Matthew’s wishes without risk of losing the root somewhere up her rectum.
    Choosing a slim, black, dildo from the array that she and Matthew stored, she took her booty along to the Diary Room. Making sure the equipment was set to record from all angles she placed the carved root, dildo and a small tube of lube in full view on the table.
    “I’m sure that piece of wood has had many things set on its surface through the years,” she said aloud. The ancient piece was part of their collection of carefully selected furniture for the period property.
    Stepping out of her trousers, she pulled her sweater off over her head, shaking her ponytail free. Completely naked, she turned to face the main lens. She felt as if she were a dancer at a peep show, in the centre of a round stage surrounded by booths. In the Diary Room, cameras served as the eyes of voyeurs and Eleanor was fully aware that she would be making films, which may not necessarily be for Matthew’s pleasure alone. Nevertheless, this first recording was experimental, and she doubted it would be used for anything other than personal entertainment and for analysis. The Diary Room was destined to serve their clients, as well as themselves.
    “I shall insert the little ginger root first.” She smiled into the camera, before turning around in the chair, positioned

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