False Pretenses
oh hell, you’re so wonderfully tight. Even after you’ve come. Baby, you feel incredible.”
    He seated himself deep inside her, and her heart palpitated. She licked her lips and braced with one hand on the headboard. “Give it to me.”
    His fingers spasmed at her hips, and he withdrew only to grind to the hilt, a violent and amazing movement. She arched her back as much as she could and shoved into him. He filled her to capacity, her walls seeming to stretch around the biggest dick she’d ever enjoyed. More. I have to have more.
    “Make me come again like this, Nathan. Please .”
    He ground in and out at a steady pace and then reached under her with long fingers to her clit. Rather than stroke it, he squeezed the sensitive flesh between his digits while pounding against her ass. Words, rational thought, anything that had nothing to do with living on the end of Nathan’s cock, left her. All she did was feel his thrusts and hear his ragged breathing. He stimulated her with dirty phrases and occasional smacks on her ass. Nathan’s ability to hold off his release surprised her, and just when she reached her second peak, he drove into her wet pussy once more and held still. A powerful orgasm exploded over her being, and following on its heels, Nathan found his own climax.
    Her lover wrapped both arms around her waist, and keeping himself buried inside her, he dragged her down to the bed so that he spooned her. They lay still for long moments, both panting. After a while, he pulled out, and Alyssa heard the slap of the condom coming off. She kept her eyes closed. He moved away, and she mourned his loss, but he returned quickly. She twisted in his arms and rested on his chest. He held her tight to him. A huge yawn expanded his chest, and she sighed in satisfaction.
    “You want to do it again?”
    She opened her eyes and stared up at him. “Are you serious?”
    “Yes, you don’t want to?”
    She grinned. “I’m in.”

Chapter Seven
    Alyssa woke and stretched, sore in every muscle in her body. She expected to find herself alone, but Nathan lay at her side, asleep. She rolled over and watched him. His lashes were long and thick for a man. They swept his cheeks, making him appear so sweet in repose. Did he ever get angry or raise his voice? Was he the kind of man who cheated on a woman or lied to her? All she’d seen so far was his deep love of his dad, a bit of his kindness, and a touch of sadness, which he hid most of all. What gave him genuine joy or made him burst out laughing with total abandon?
    All right, girl. You’re getting carried away. It doesn’t matter. He’s not yours, and you’re not going to learn any more about him. Certainly not in a week.
    Someone knocked at the door, and she started. Nathan woke in an instant and tugged the sheets up over her naked figure. She marveled that he was aware of her and her state of dress so soon after being jarred awake.
    “Nathan,” Piper called through the door. “Are you going with me to the hospital?”
    He sat up and ran a hand through his disordered hair. Alyssa bit her lip. Even with bedhead, sexiness oozed from his pores. No doubt a string of broken hearts lay in this man’s wake.
    “Come in,” he called, and she opened the door fully dressed. The frown she tossed in Alyssa’s direction made her feel like she’d sold her body to Nathan. Alyssa clutched the sheets higher, glaring back.
    “You’re not even up yet,” Piper accused him. “It’s already eight thirty.”
    “Give me fifteen minutes.” Nathan pulled on his discarded boxers under the covers and stood. “I promise. I’ll be ready.”
    Piper cast another withering look at Alyssa and left the room. Nathan turned to Alyssa, and something told her this time she wouldn’t be welcome.
    “I’m going to go ahead. You don’t have to come along this time. I’ll see you later.”
    Despite being right and understanding his decision, his words hurt. Why would she go along? This

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