Jordan's Quest: Bad Boy Mafia Dark Romance book (The Generals' Sons 1)

Free Jordan's Quest: Bad Boy Mafia Dark Romance book (The Generals' Sons 1) by Veronica Cane

Book: Jordan's Quest: Bad Boy Mafia Dark Romance book (The Generals' Sons 1) by Veronica Cane Read Free Book Online
Authors: Veronica Cane
staff. They would never do anything against Jordan." He said, in a cold tone.
    "I have no idea what are you talking about." She said, drinking the last sip of coffee from her cup, before getting up from the table.
    He grabbed her arm when she was half way up. "Don't play dumb with me, and know I'm watching your steps."
    "Go ahead and watch whatever you want. It will be your time you'll waste, not mine." She snapped her arm from his grip and went back to Jordan's room, hoping he wouldn’t follow her there.
    But after just half an hour she was ready to climb the walls. She wasn’t used to being inactive, with nothing to do. She had to find something to keep her occupied or she would end up going insane.
    Cookies… she could bake cookies, assuming they had the necessary ingredients in the house. That would take enough of her time as to distract her for a good while.
    She headed back down, straight to the kitchen. Joanne was there drinking a glass of water while chatting with the cook, a middle aged woman, with the unmistakable look of a Caribbean woman.
    "Señorita Ashley, do you need anything?" Joanne asked with a cautious smile. It was obvious that Wilson had scolded her.
    "I'm bored… to death. Would you girls mind if I entertain myself baking some cookies?"
    Joanne looked at her puzzled and then to the other woman. "This is Norma, señorita, the cook, she can make the cookies for you.
    "Hello, Norma, it's a pleasure meeting you." She said with a broad smile. "And I'm sure you cook the best cookies around, but I'm bored, I need something to do or I'll go insane." She explain.
    "Then, by all means, señorita Ashley, bake all the cookies you want." Norma said with a smile.
    "Thank you, I will stay out of your way as much as I can."
    "Don’t worry about that, señorita. What do you need?"
    Ashley gave her a list of ingredients and the older woman went to the cupboard and started to take it all from there. In no time, Ashley was surrounded by ingredients and kneading the cookies dough.
    She baked a lot of cookies, chocolate chips cookies, coconut cookies and butter cookies, to take her mind off the situation she was living in. She wanted to call her mom, but she didn’t dare to ask anyone for a phone. The watchdog was around and the last thing she wanted was to cause trouble to other people, so she would have to wait for Jordan to arrive.
    While she was halfway through her baking, Norma started to prepare things for lunch.
    "Can I help you Norma? Cooking relaxes me and I'm already here." She asked with a pleading smile.
    "Of course, señorita, I'll be more than happy to have your help." The other woman accepted with a kind smile. "As long as you share some of those amazing cookies you're making."
    "Of course… I can't eat them all by myself." She giggled. "So what are you going to prepare today for lunch?"
    "Well, señorita, since you're the only one here, I was going to ask you that."
    "Oh, no, don’t mind me. I'll have whatever you prepare. So far your meals have been fantastic." Ashley said hurriedly.
    "Oh, that's sweet of you. El señor Jordan always asks for sea food when he is here, so we basically have fish and shellfish. Would you like a pasta marinara?"
    "Oh, yes, I’d love that."
    Both women started to work and an hour later they had the pasta done as well as all the cookies.
    "Do you want us to serve it to you at the terrace?" Joanne asked her, when she joined them in the kitchen.
    "Can't I eat here, in the kitchen?" she suggested, not looking forward to eating alone.
    "I'm afraid el señor Wilson won't like that much, señorita." Joanne finally answered after an awkward silence.
    "Yes, that's for sure. The man seems to be chewing on a lemon all the time." Ashley ranted, as the other women chuckled. "Well, I would rather have it on the terrace then. I really enjoy the views there."
    "Good, you go ahead and I'll bring the food there." Joanne answered with a smile.
    "Thank you, both of you. I enjoyed the morning

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