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and rubbed her back. She’d had a nightmare about falling down the hill with Callie.
    She’d be forever grateful to Al for getting Katie off that hill before she fell down on the rocks. Even though it meant risking his own life, he didn’t hesitate to go down after her. His whole family pulled together to help. The men held the rope and the women kept the kids back. And his sweet mother took care of Aunt Mattie.
    It was a thankless job taking care of the surly old woman, but Jenna knew what to expect when she’d moved back to the inn. So far Al had been fairly patient with Mattie, but there were times when he looked like he was sorry he’d ever agreed to let her stay here at her precious inn. Jenna wondered if Aunt Mattie wouldn’t be better off in a nursing home, fussing at the nurses and aides. And she would fuss. She wasn’t the traditional sweet little old lady by any means.
    Al stood in the doorway. “Is she all right?” he said quietly.
    Jenna glanced at Katie, who was now sleeping peacefully beside her. “She had a nightmare,” she whispered.
    She walked toward Al, who whispered, “If I have a nightmare, will you crawl into my bed?”
    Jenna cocked her head. “Do you have these nightmares often?”
    “Nearly every night.”
    She heard the laughter in his voice. The serious architect had a lighter side, and the sound of his deep voice whispering in the dark sent tingles down her arms and through her body to settle in an ache of longing down deep inside her.
    His warm breath caressed her neck and ear, and he rubbed his whisker-roughened cheek lightly against hers. She nuzzled into his neck and her arms snaked around his chest. Taking a deep breath and another, she tried to still her pounding heart, but it wouldn’t quiet as long as she was this close to him. Moving slightly, she brushed against his erection. She didn’t have to ask him if he still wanted her, because she felt the strength of his desire in his tender kiss, in the gentle touch of his hands, and in the size of his erection.
    Instead of giving her virginity to Brian, she should have waited for this man.
    The first kiss burned a hole through Al’s resolve not to get involved with Jenna, and the second one had her in his bedroom. He sat on the side of his bed and pulled her between his knees, then he pushed her shirt out of the way and unhooked her bra. Her breasts were beautiful, pale and full and perfectly shaped. He nuzzled into them and drew one peaked nipple into his mouth while he unfastened her jeans. When he stopped and looked up, she pulled off his shirt.
    “Stand up so I can undo your pants,” she whispered.
    He stood slowly, knowing this would be a night to remember, because this was a woman worth remembering. He cupped her cheeks and gazed deeply into her eyes. “Are you sure this is what you want, Jenna?”
    He kissed her again and pushed her jeans down over her hips. Sliding his hands inside her panties to squeeze her cute little ass, he pulled her against him and held her there while he breathed deeply to tame his desire. He didn’t want to rush this, and if he didn’t get himself under control, he wouldn’t bring her any pleasure. And tonight was all about pleasing her.
    She had a beautiful body that fit against his as if it were made for him. He wished he’d been the one to get her pregnant, the one to give her a beautiful baby to suckle at those gorgeous breasts. “Did you nurse Katie?”
    That shouldn’t excite him, but it did. She’d gone through childbirth alone, without a husband or parents there to ooh and aah over the baby. Whether he was there or not, Brian didn’t count. He knew without asking that she didn’t love him. She’d never loved him.
    Jenna handed him the condom that he’d conveniently left on the nightstand. He was a handsome man with his clothes on, and the naked man was a dream come true. He was long and lean and strong. “If only I’d known in high school what I

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