The Devil's Dwelling

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Authors: Jean Avery Brown
with a thumb and finger with snot dripping from it pages.
    “Trash it, she comes in after her husband beats her up just to let us know. She want press charges. That leaves our hands tied.  Maybe it’s a comfort just to tell someone.”
    Mona dropped the magazine in the trash container and wiped her hands on a tissue provided by the deputy.
    I walked in the sheriff’s office. He opened the file cabinet and pulled a file out.
    “You want to know the identity of the dead woman at the Martin’s.”
    He tossed the file on his desk. Sit in his chair and reared back with his hands behind his back.
    I opened the file.  The file contained a picture of her taken when she was in much better shape than when I saw her.  I flipped the pages and read on…Maxine Martin, age 48, married to Marty Martin.  Cause of death murder from bullets penetrating the chest area.
    I closed the file and tossed it back on Randy’s desk.
    “You got any clues to who the murderer might be?”
    “We have some leads but nothing substantial.”
    “I didn’t come to check this out but thanks for giving me the information. I have a black sedan following me. I got the license plate number and thought you might check it out.”
    I handed him the plate number. He took a look at it. Called the deputy in.
    “Get me info on this plate.”
    “Yes sir. “It’s out of state so will take a few minutes.”  He briskly walked out of the office with plate number in hand.
    Sheriff Randy walked over to the office door and turned the lock. He walked over to me gently lifting me from my chair. He pulled me close and softly kissed my neck.  He nibbled on my ear and whispered. “You want to finish this tonight at my place?”
    “My my Sheriff Randy are you asking for a date?”
    “I’m asking you to join me for dinner and a run around the table.” He said as he pulled me close sliding his hand down my back stopping at my ass and giving it a good squeeze.
    “Seven o’clock at my place sound good for you?”
    “That works for me. Do you want me to pick up a pizza?”
    “No. I’ll take care of dinner.” 
    Randy’s a pretty good cook. He can out cook me. That’s not saying much since my cooking consist of boiling water for iced tea, using a can opener and pushing the toaster down, scraping the Cheez Whiz jar and dipping ice cream.
    He unlocked the door and set down at his desk. The professional  part of Randy came back into play.
    A knock at the door and it was the deputy with the information on the plate.
    The plate belongs to George and Brenda McGuire.
    “What the hell…the vehicle belongs to McGuire. They have a Texas address.”
    “Thanks Randy. I’ve got plenty investigating to take care of. Thanks for your help.”
    “Mona, let’s put our heads together. First Marty Martin is missing. We visit Maxine’s massage parlor and Maxine isn‘t home. Someone in a black sedan shoots at us. Next we find a dead body, who we know is Maxine in her bedroom.  And now we find out the black sedan shooting at us is registered to George and Brenda McGuire with a Texas address.”
    “What is the missing link to all this?” Mona pondered over the information. “We need to find the masseuse that answered the door at Maxine’s.”
    “You are right. We’ll need to hit the massage parlors. All we have is what she looks like and there are a dozen parlors in the city.

We headed back to the apartment.  Bailey was pacing ready for his poop and hike. I grabbed the leash, hooked up Bailey and headed for the door. I looked back at Mona.
    “I’ll be back in a few. I forgot to mention.  I have a date with Randy tonight.”
    “You have a date with Randy? Girlfriend, that’s awesome.”  I was out the door. Mona came running after me yelling down the stairs. “Where is he taking you?”

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