My Demonic Ghost: Banished Spirits

Free My Demonic Ghost: Banished Spirits by Jacinta Maree

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Authors: Jacinta Maree
and the use of magic, we must remain in spirit form, but to remain in spirit form is to also use up a large portion of the Host’s soul. Lock has put himself in grave danger. He can be seen by all humans, Goons and Hunters now.”
    “Can you change him back?”
    “No, I don’t have that type of power. Only you can grant him access to your soul and a connection to the Spirit World. But don’t ask me how; no Banished soul has ever made equal partnership with their Host before. It’s just plain stupid!” The loud screech of a wild bird bellowed from outside, causing both Betrayal and I to jerk our heads upward in fright. She spoke again in a slithering hiss, not removing her eyes from the high window, watching intensely as if something were to jump out, “You better have your guard up; there will be a lot more Goons and Hunters hanging around.” With two quick glances over her shoulders, Betrayal’s voice dropped down even lower, so low I had to bend down and lean in just to catch the humming whisper. “Make sure he doesn’t get taken; protect him and find the Staff.”
    My voice also dropped to a secretive hush, though I didn’t understand why, no one could hear us. “How? Where do I find it?”
    “The Hunters have it-”
    “I know that, but what does it look like? How? Tell me how.”
    Betrayal stood up and placed her hand against her temple. The storm had passed; it must now be reaching into the early hours of the morning as the moon’s glow was weak and shifting.
    “I guess I have no choice,” Betrayal swore underneath her breath. “To be completely honest, I don’t know what it looks like, no one knows because no one has actually ever... gotten the Staff...”
    The lump of guilt inside me built into a combination of fear, shock and hopelessness. My thoughts came rushing down on top of me all at the same time, freezing me completely still. No one had ever gotten the Staff before... that means not one single Banished soul has ever been saved, yet it’s all they’ve got left to hope for. The existence of the actual Staff never came into question for them; they were just so sure it was out there.
    “Don’t tell Lock... okay? You can still save him... And make sure he’s hidden from the sunlight.”
    Betrayal vanished into a flurry of ash and took off through the high window.  Sunlight! I had to get Lock back home before the sun rises. I had very little time left and no one to help me. 
    Quickly, I slid out from underneath him and hoisted him onto my back, leaning forward so he wouldn’t tumbled off; and started to walk with his arms draped across my shoulders, his legs hooked underneath my arm pits, and his head nestled into the back of my neck.
    He was heavy and cold. I entered back into the pitch of the woods, and step by step, tried to fight back my exhaustion. His feet dangled just inches above the ground. It felt like I was carrying a bag of bones on my back; my calves, ankles, neck and knees throbbed under pressure, refusing to cooperate.
    I had never been a fast girl, but I could manage long distances. My steady rhythm was put to the test against the awakening of the sun. I slipped only once, nearing toppling over onto my side with Lock as my landing matt, but thankfully, managed to tilt the opposite way and save us both. A chink of light pierced the sky as the first beam of daylight peeked out from behind the shades of night, just as I stepped foot onto the driveway of my house, about ten metres away from the front door. I turned my fast-paced limping into an awkward trot, keeping myself at least three paces ahead of the light’s advancing line. The birds were awake, chirping in anticipation of the new day as the neighbour’s rooster crowed out across the hen house.
    The sun’s rays were nipping at my heels as I battled through the weeds, having to lift my knees high and step over the wild garden as it grabbed at my ankles, trying to root me in. I tripped over myself and stumbled forwards,

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