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that led to your son’s
death,’ he threatens.
    My father holds Nate’s all-pervading
stare for a few more seconds before his cheeks flush.  ‘I’ll look forward
to it, Mr?’
    ‘Detective Nathan Austin,’ Nate notifies
him, ‘Denver Police Department.’
    ‘You have no jurisdiction here, Mr.
Austin,’ dad provides an evil smirk as if the information has provided a shield
for him to hide behind.  Does Nate seriously believe that my father has something
to do with Ollie’s death? Ice runs through my veins.
    ‘I have jurisdiction wherever my leads
take me, Mr. Parker.’ Nate updates him, ‘it just so happens that I have been in
Boston for three days investigating your son’s homicide.’  He notifies
    My father’s gaze falls to mine, his face
impassive, before he responds. ‘Investigate away, Mr. Austin.’
    As we walk towards the car park, I hiss
to Nate, ‘you think he had something to do with Ollies murder?’
    ‘Not here, London,’ he opens the
passenger door of a black SUV, and I climb in.  When he settles beside me,
I turn to him questioningly.  ‘I can’t tell you, Sophie; you know
that.  Just be assured I am as eager as you to wrap this up,’ he pulls out
of the car park and drives into the awaiting traffic. 
    ‘You do know that once this is solved,
I’m going home to London?’ I advise him.
    His eyes hold mine for a moment before
darkening, ‘where are you staying?’
    ‘Boston Park Plaza,’ I announce, shakily,
my brain still processing my father’s behaviour.

Chapter Six
    Nate escorts me through the reception
area of the sleek hotel foyer and towards the lift.  He has respectfully
worn a navy suit, over a white shirt, that only enhances the colour of his
magnificent eyes.  I watch as he bends and presses the button to call the
lift, my eyes lingering on his long fingers.  We have barely uttered a
word since our conversation that ended with me telling Nate I was leaving as
soon as Ollie’s murder was solved. 
    We step into the awaiting shaft and move
backwards as another couple enters with a polite greeting.  Nate holds out
his hand for the key card to my room, and I naturally pass it to him.
    As soon as our feet hit the carpeted
floors of the small, double room, he shrugs off his jacket, placing it over the
chair set beside the desk.  I drop my handbag onto the bed and walk
towards him.  He is wearing a holster that contains a firearm and for a
moment I just stare at the gun, never before being so close to something so
dangerous.  His hand extracts it from the holder, and he places it gently
on the desk.
    ‘We need to talk,’ Nate murmurs, softly. 
    ‘Okay,’ I nod.
    His glance falls to my lips, and my
tongue automatically moves out to moisten them, his eyes flare with a light I
recognise as desire.
    ‘Fuck this!’ he strides forward and cups
my jaw with both of his hands, crushing his lips to mine with bruising
force.  I whimper as his teeth suck and nibble, delving, exploring the
depths of my mouth. 
    I push myself against his firm body,
groaning deep in my throat at the sensations that are trickling through my
veins.  I know nothing other than how he makes me feel, my hands explore
the flexed muscles of his back as he pushes me roughly against the door. 
I feel his erection at my abdomen and grind against it, wantonly. 
    ‘Jesus, fuck, London,’ he groans against
my lips, ‘I can’t stay away,’ he admits, one of his hands travel to my waist
and slide up, his thumb brushing my puckered nipple.
    ‘Want you,’ I pant, nibbling his full
bottom lip. 
    His eyes are black with desire as he
regards me for a split second, ‘you sure you want this?’ He checks.
    ‘Nate,’ I breathe, ‘please,’ I beg.
    His hands move behind me to unzip me
before moving down to gather the ends of my dress and pull it up to expose my
black lace thong. ‘Those fucking legs go on for ever,’ he growls as he eases
the dress over my head and off, leaving me

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