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Authors: Sheryl Berk
mismatched pair of combat boots—one purple, one pink.
    â€œIt’s certainly very Parisian,” JC said. “All you need is a croissant-shaped purse to go with it.”
    Mickey pulled a long gold tube-shaped bag out of her backpack. “Baguette,” she said. “I’m one step ahead of you.”
    â€œSo what’s with all the French-ness?” her friend asked.
    â€œDidn’t you hear about the international student runway competition?” she replied. “Mr. Stitchman insists someone from FAB win—or else.”
    JC raised an eyebrow. “Win what?”
    Mickey closed her eyes and sighed. “Only a trip to Paris Fashion Week—and the opportunity to present your designs at a FIFI gala.”
    â€œFIFI?” JC gasped. “As in the French Institute of Fashion Industries?”
    Mickey nodded. “Amazing right?”
    â€œAmazing—and near to impossible. Every fashion student in the world is probably competing.”
    â€œI know,” Mickey said. “Which is why I need your help. I’ve never been anywhere out of the country, and I don’t know anything about Paris—except for what I’m wearing. Oh, and those colorful little sandwich cookies.”
    â€œMacarons,” JC corrected her. “I have visited Laudere in France several times…”
    â€œYou did mention that…several times,” Mickey chuckled. “Something about staying with your cousin Angelique? Eating crepes and shopping on the Champs-Élysées?”
    JC nodded. “My cuz moved to France a few years ago. She’s very cool—and very fashionable.”
    Mickey sighed. “Do I have to beg?”
    JC’s Chihuahua Madonna made a whimpering noise from inside her dog bag.
    â€œCan you top that?” JC snickered.
    â€œFine. No begging necessary.”
    â€œThere’s just one little thing, before you agree,” Mickey added.
    JC raised his hand to silence her. “Don’t tell me. Does it wear a tiara and a bad attitude?”
    Mickey nodded. “Jade is determined to win. She and Jake are partnering up as usual.”
    â€œAnd you think I’m afraid of the tantrum twins?” JC asked. “Pullease. You shouldn’t be either. You can’t cover up boring with bling. And you…well, you’re one of a kind, Mick.”
    Mickey blushed. “You really think so? How many times has Jade beat me on fashion challenges? And how many times has she gotten us in trouble with Mr. Stitchman?”
    â€œToo many. Which means she’s running out of options. Besides, I bet you’ve already been working up ideas while Jade was out getting her mani and pedi.”
    â€œWell, I was thinking of doing a mini collection that draws from the iconic architecture of Paris. The Eiffel Tower, the Arch de Triomphe…”
    â€œLove!” JC cheered. “Tell me more!”
    Mickey pulled her sketchbook out of her bag. “Maybe colors that are muted, like grays and blues and charcoal to match the structures. Metallic silver and bronze, studding that looks like rivets. And the shape of this skirt—“
    She showed him a dramatic A-line gown with a corseted back. “This mimics the lines of the tower.”
    â€œIt’s amazing,” JC said breathlessly. “C’est magnifique.”
    â€œIs that good?” Mickey asked. “I don’t speak any French.”
    â€œOui! Oui!” JC added. “Translation: we’ve got this!”
    â€œSo it’s a yes?” Mickey asked.
    JC smiled slyly. “Madonna? What do you say to joining Team Mickey?”
    Madonna yapped happily.
    â€œThat’s a yes for both of us,” JC said. “Paris Fashion Week, here we come.”

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