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wanted to pull the stake out but didn’t know if she should. She didn’t know what vampires did when they died. Maybe his reaction was a reflex of some sort. She checked for a pulse at the base of his neck. Stupid, he never had a pulse!
    A crash behind her made her duck. When she turned she saw Katrina’s limp body tumble to the floor, leaving a small dent in the wall. Someone had thrown her across the room.
    Hands clasped to her mouth, Sugar watched her world fall apart. All she could hear was her blood rushing past her ears like a freight train. She struggled for breath around a sob that racked her chest. Trembling, she crawled to Katrina’s listless body. Weres heal fast. She kept repeating this to herself like a mantra over and over in her head. This kept her urge to scream under control. If she started, she’d never stop.
    A huge werewolf stomped through the Omegas’ apartment door from the hallway. It paused to contemplate them, then examined the coffin before it leaped onto the remaining beasts wrestling in the hallway.
    Sugar rolled Katrina over and checked her breathing. Her chest rose in a strong, steady rhythm. Sugar sobbed again, this time in relief. Her friend’s right eye swelled and her lip bled. Those were the only visible injuries.
    The noise of the fight faded behind her. She glanced over her shoulder to see three battered beasts come out of the bedrooms. Tyler pushed his way past them to get to Katrina. His freckles stood out on his pale skin.
    Sugar touched him gently as he knelt beside her. “I think she’ll be all right.”
    He nodded, but examined Katrina anyway.
    The remaining beasts changed back to human form. It was Eric who had passed them earlier in his wolf form. He slumped to the floor by the hallway while Robert and Sam rustled through the fridge getting what looked like food and drinks.
    Her sense of incredulity must have shown on her face since Eric explained, “I’ve changed twice in one day, Sugar. I need the calories to recuperate and so do they.” He turned his gaze to the living room. “Tyler, how’s Katrina?”
    “She’s hurt, but I can smell her injuries healing.” He glanced at Sugar. “Why are you naked?”
    She looked down at herself, horrified. Flames of embarrassment burned her cheeks. “Give me your shirt.” She helped pull it off his back, then slipped it over her head. The t-shirt reached her mid-thigh and acted as a small dress. “They tore my robe off.”
    She stepped over the unconscious Ayumu Were lying by the coffin. “He staked him, Eric.” Her chest tightened around another scream. A tear spilled from her eye, tracing its way down to her chin.
    Eric attempted to stand, but his legs buckled, causing him to stumble to his knees. “Is he dust?”
    She shook her head.
    “They’re supposed to turn to dust when they’re staked. The Were must not have hammered it all the way through.”
    She ran her fingers along Daedalus’s face and paused to trace his lush lips. Her tears dripped silently from her chin, splattering one by one on his shoulder. The passion, the violence, and the sorrow, she couldn’t handle anymore.
    Something brushed her ankle. When she tried to swipe it off with her other foot she met resistance. Cold terror gripped her chest when the touch tightened. She glanced down to make eye contact with a pair of amber glowing eyes.
    The Were who had staked Daedalus pulled her leg, and she fell to the floor. It crawled on top of her. The screams she’d held back came out as a herald of anguish and fear.
    Tyler wrapped his arms around her aggressor’s chest, but the Were back-handed him away like a fly, while its long fingers wrapped around her throat. “At least I’ll get your mate, Eric.”
    She gasped for air, nothing passed through her throat. Her vision tunneled while she grappled with his hand. All she could see were his hate-filled wolf eyes.
    This was the last thing she’d experience? Getting killed over werewolf

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