Sunset: 4 (Sunrise)
    “How’s the pregnancy?”
    Ashley’s breath caught in her throat, but then just as quickly she realized that Kari was talking about Katy’s pregnancy. “She, uh . . .” Ashley exhaled, composing herself so Kari couldn’t hear anything different in her voice. “She said she’s doing well. Not feeling sick and just a little more winded than usual.”
    “July’s right around the corner.”
    “Yes.” Ashley blinked. For the first time since she’d taken the pregnancy test, it dawned on her that she and Katy might have babies within weeks of each other. The way she and Kari had babies within weeks of each other last summer. An icy panic released itself into her veins. One more reason events seemed to be playing out the way they had last time when—
    “How’d Cole’s audition go?”
    Ashley dismissed her previous thoughts. “Great.” She set her knife down and leaned against the counter. “I was so proud of him. He sang the song Mom used to sing to him.”
    “‘Take Me Out to the Ball Game’?” Kari angled her head, her eyes tender. “That’s so sweet.”
    “Don’t say anything.” Ashley lowered her voice. “He wants to tell everyone tonight. He got cast as one of the kids of Simeon, Joseph’s brother.”
    Kari’s eyes lit up. “That’s fantastic. We’ll have to get everyone there for opening night.”
    Brooke entered the kitchen carrying a bag of dinner rolls. “Okay.” She set them down and smiled at her sisters. “Put me to work.”
    “Too late.” Kari laughed. “The pan won’t hold much more.”
    Hayley tagged behind Brooke, wearing a pink coat, her blonde hair framing her sparkling blue eyes. “Hi, Aunt Kari, Aunt Ashley!”
    “Hi, princess.” Kari grinned at her.
    Ashley moved to her niece’s side. “How’s school?”
    “Very good.” She looked at Brooke. “Right, Mom?”
    “Better than ever.” Brooke was washing her hands at the sink, but she blew her younger daughter a kiss.
    Hayley scampered back toward the family room, where the joyous sound of the cousins had risen to another level.
    When Hayley was out of earshot, Brooke’s tone softened. “Did you ever think that girl would be reading ? She’s not at grade level, but she read the first page of The Cat in the Hat on the way here.” She glanced over her shoulder toward the room where Peter and the other men were tending to the kids. “Peter had tears on his cheeks by the time she was finished.”
    The story should’ve eased Ashley’s anxiety, splashed warm rays of peace over everything she was feeling. Clearly God was faithful. What else could possibly be the testimony of their precious little Hayley? But instead Ashley shivered, and her fears tripled. Hayley’s progress was miraculous, but the same God who had allowed Hayley to live had also allowed baby Sarah to die. If Ashley was pregnant, there were no guarantees. Nothing to make her feel even a little confident about the future.
    Landon poked his head into the kitchen. “The kids want to watch Jessie’s Hannah Montana DVD.” He smiled at Ashley, but he must’ve noticed that something wasn’t right. He gave her a look that showed his instant concern. “Do we have time?”
    “Definitely.” Kari didn’t seem to notice the exchange between Ashley and Landon. She moved to Annie’s swing and reset the timer. “We won’t eat for thirty minutes at least.”
    “Okay.” His gaze lingered on Ashley. “You girls need anything?”
    Ashley shook her head and tried to use her eyes to tell him she’d explain later. “Thanks for watching the kids.”
    “Are you kidding?” Landon chuckled. “The guys are gonna play Texas hold ’em. Every child out there is crazy about Hannah Montana.” He left, and after a minute, the sound of the TV came from the family room and the noise of the children tapered off.
    Brooke found a bowl under the far counter and used it for the dinner rolls. “I needed this tonight. Being with you two.” There was

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