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Authors: Kristen DaRay
When I was a kid, right before bed, I would make Aunt Trish tell me all about her. It did seem kind of odd that she didn't keep any pictures of her; Trish just gave me a good oral rendering of her. She told me how her hair was long and thick like mine, but unlike my hair, it was a shade of red. She told me how her fair complexion complimented her mellow personality. A warm feeling crept over me while I thought about how she would look in person.
    But that didn't change the fact that I had a life here on Earth. I couldn't just abandon my friends. I couldn't abandon Kyle.
    "Don't worry you won't be leaving just yet." Aaronmon cupped his hand over mine. "Space Flight is extremely dangerous right now, especially for any Elaeye. Even transporting you is going to be a challenge. Anyway, that is why they searched for the perfect Emréian to be your garnix and bring you back home."
    "Which reminds me, tell me how you got to be the lucky guy?" I pushed the question with a smile.
    At first, it looked like Aaron was going to try and weasel out of another personal question, but then it looked as if something had changed his mind. Aaron started to open his mouth, but Trish came in and interrupted him before he got the chance to speak.
    "Carson, Kyle is on the phone."
    Irritation shoved its way into my feelings. It wasn't my irritation though; it was Aaronmon's. I just rolled my eyes at him. He knew I was tired of the little game he and Kyle had going on.
    I looked at Aunt Trish and reached out my arm for the phone. Aaron got up and went to the spare bedroom he’d been sleeping in. I sighed and put the phone up to my ear.
    "Hey," I said into the phone.
    "How are you feeling beautiful?" I heard Kyle's sympathetic voice.
    "Better. I would have come to school today, but I thought I could use the rest." It wasn't that much of a lie. I was getting tired of not being able to block people's feelings. Not to mention now I could push feelings upon others. There was no telling what would have happened at school today.
    "Yeah, that was probably a good idea. Look, if you’re not feeling up to going to Karlie's, it's okay."
    "I'm feeling better. I'll come." I said, trying to hide the fact that I had forgotten about going to Karlie’s.
    "Great! Do you want me to pick you up?" he asked quickly.
    I thought about it for a while, but decided against it.
    "No, I think I’ll drive myself there."
    "Are you sure?" he questioned me. It was unlike me not to ride with him.
    "Yeah, I'll see you there." I bit my lip.
    "Okay." He hesitated. "I love you."
    "I love you, too," I said into the phone before hanging it up. I did love him, but I wasn't sure how my secret would impact our relationship. It was a scary thought.
    "Going somewhere?" Aunt Trish asked with a raised brow.
    "Just over to Karlie's with Kyle," I casually replied. However, I knew circumstances had changed. They were not going to act casually about it.
    "Carson, you know you need to learn to control your empathy," Trish pointed out.
    "No, it will be okay." Aaron stood up from the couch. "It would be better if she was in a larger crowed. That way she can focus on trying to block them out, or she can emphasize on one person."
    "Great. I wanted to hang out with my friends and forget this just for a night, and now I have homework," I muttered.
    "Take Aaronmon with you," Trish said with an odd smile.
    It wasn'tthat Aaronmon and I weren’t getting along; the problem was I  wanted this evening to be alone with Kyle, like we used to be. Then, there was also how all the girls swooned over Aaronmon. I meant, what was it, some alien hormone? Aaronmon did look hot, but I didn’t think he was drop dead gorgeous. He had more of a dorky attractiveness to him. It was too weird watching all my girl friends look at him like he was the last piece of steak during an apocalypse. No, I just wanted this one evening to myself, so I could feel somewhat normal.
    "Please no!" I looked over at Aaronmon pleadingly.

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