Pretty Faces and Dark Places

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Authors: Rose B. Mashal
couldn’t deny it.
    Still, I tried. “I would’ve never done it if you weren’t controlling my mind,” I whispered.
    “Not true. I control minds very well,” he started, and I wondered again if this was all real. I couldn’t believe we were having this conversation; it wasn’t sane whatsoever. “But none of my kind can control the minds of their soulmates, only a few times before I could plant my seed inside of you.”
    Wha- …?!
    I couldn’t understand what he meant. “What do you mean?”
    “I only did what would make you let your guard down. You would’ve come with me to the woods sooner or later. I would’ve taken you to dinner if things were different, I would’ve dated you like humans do for a week or two before I got you in my bed, but eventually you would’ve come with me – there’s no doubt! You were created to be with me, forever!”
    “Like – getting me high? Kind of drunk?!” My voice raised and his eyes darkened. Literally.
    I clutched the blanket closer to my chest, fear consuming me all of a sudden as I watched the green in his eyes turning into black and the whites in them turning to a dark shade of red. “You can’t put it that way!”
    I didn’t reply, I was so scared that I felt my chin start to tremble, and I could swear that I felt my heart vibrating with fear inside of my chest. 
    Strangely, those black and red eyes softened at the sight of me all scared and terrified. Andrew squeezed them shut for a moment and when he opened them again they were back to the beautiful shade of green that took my breath away since the very first time I saw them.
    “You need to get out of bed, put something on, and eat,” Andrew said, then got off the bed, his back facing me as he stood up, giving me a full and close-up view of his outstanding wings that crazily I found my hands aching to touch.  Before my mind could form any other thought, he was gone.
    I took a deep breath then let it out in a sigh, standing up with the blanket still clutched to my chest, then I wrapped it loosely around my body and went to the walk-in closet without being directed to it.
    Inside, I found that everything was black. Black, black and more black. There were many clothes, and the materials were alien to me, but the designs were even stranger. One thing I noticed about the clothes was that they were similar in more ways than just the color – all were backless.
    I stood there frozen in my place for a few minutes, just looking ahead of me at the rows and shelves of clothes and shoes, understanding that the back stayed bare to leave a space for the wings, like the dress Andrew’s mom was wearing. And it was only then that it struck me how true Andrew’s words were.
    He truly believed I was going to be a demon like him, and I had already passed what he called ‘Converting . ‘ And since he’d already proven that his words were not lies when he promised me no more pain once I woke up, and that was what had happened – I believed that he would prove his words were nothing but the truth once again when I grew wings.
    Because as insane as it sounded – I was feeling it happening.

    I ended up picking a black halter neck top and black jeans. I was surprised at how nice the material was, because from the outside they looked rough and thick, but when they touched my skin, they felt so soft, just like cotton if not even better.
    I looked at my reflection in the mirror and – something seemed different. My skin was paler and my hair was an even darker shade of black. It was like my body was seriously changing and it wasn’t just thoughts in my head. There was a soft blush on my cheeks and my lips were bright pink, heck even my eyelashes seemed longer – it was seriously confusing.
    Another girl would be very happy about it, to be this pretty without any make-up on, but I wasn’t. I wasn’t sure why I looked this way. How I looked this way without even trying? And then, the feeling of how true this

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