Sacred Trust

Free Sacred Trust by Hannah Alexander

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Authors: Hannah Alexander
to it that you find her. Meanwhile, Frankie, He will be with you here, and He’ll give you peace you never believed you could have…or deserve.”
    â€œWhat makes you think He’d do that for me?”
    â€œHe did it for me, and He keeps forgiving me every time I mess up. I keep asking Him to use me, and He sent you my way at just the right time. He loves you and wants you to join Him.”
    More tears filled Frankie’s eyes, and this time he let them fall. “Give me some time to think about it.”
    â€œOkay, Frankie. Meanwhile, I’ll be praying for you.” Lukas laid a hand on the man’s arm and squeezed, then said a silent prayer for him as he walked back to the emergency room.
    Beverly was on duty that morning, and she met him as he entered. Stereotypical as it seemed, Beverly had a quick, impulsive temperament to match her flaming red hair. At the moment, the color of her face also matched her hair.
    â€œDr. Bower, there’s a very obnoxious patient in three who has threatened to sue if I don’t personally escort you to see him now.” She lowered her voice. “His father is Bailey Little.”
    At Lukas’s blank expression, she explained, “You know, Bailey Little, the attorney. He’s the president of our hospital’s board of directors.”
    â€œSo the son is in the E.R. throwing his father’s weight around?”
    â€œYes. I know you want to get to that funeral.”
    â€œBut you don’t think this one can wait.” All he needed was a difficult patient whom Dr. Camp might refuse to take over when he arrived. It had been hard enough to convince someone to let him off a couple of hours, especially since he wasn’t sure himself why he felt the need to attend the funeral of a stranger.
    He glanced at his watch. It was only eight o’clock. If all the ancillary services would cooperate, he could take care of this patient and still make the service.
    â€œOkay, Beverly, what’s his complaint?”
    Beverly lowered her voice. “He’s out of his stuff, if you ask me.”
    Lukas raised a brow at her. “Drug seeker?”
    She nodded, folding her arms across her chest, her thick, red brows drawn together in a disapproving glower.
    â€œOkay, I’ll come willingly. What does he say is the problem?”
    â€œHeadache. Again.”
    â€œAgain? He’s been in for this before?”
    â€œYes. At least twice when I was on duty, and I think he’s been here a lot more than that, according to the secretary.”
    â€œWhich doctor treated him?”
    â€œDr. George.”
    â€œAnd he got the drugs?”
    â€œDr. George believed his story. Dwayne is a good actor. Besides, Dr. George is good friends with Dwayne’s father. Dwayne even calls him ‘Uncle Jarvis.’”
    â€œPull Mr. Little’s old chart, will you?”
    â€œSure thing.” She turned to go, then hesitated and turned back. “I wouldn’t cross this guy, Dr. Bower, not unless you can afford to lose your job. I know I can’t.”
    â€œThanks for the warning, Beverly.”
    She watched him for a moment. “I mean it. I heard about you turning in Dr. George for the needlestick. Bailey Little can get us both in trouble, and I’ve got kids to support.”
    Lukas frowned. “You’re not going to get into trouble for doing your job.”
    He found the clipboard for room three at the central desk, then added a copy of a special form he had brought with him from KC.
    The patient who perched on the doctor’s exam stool in the darkened room didn’t look like a typical drug abuser. Lukas wondered if Beverly had just been irritated by the man’s personality. The young man, in his early to midtwenties, sat cradling his forehead in his hands. He wore a dark brown suit. His hair was short and neat. He looked clean. He glanced up when Lukas entered, then put his head back down and

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