Bondslave (Seven Brides for Seven Bastards #1 )

Free Bondslave (Seven Brides for Seven Bastards #1 ) by Georgia Fox

Book: Bondslave (Seven Brides for Seven Bastards #1 ) by Georgia Fox Read Free Book Online
Authors: Georgia Fox
thighs and stroked her with two fingers, she parted her legs to accommodate their needs, eager to please.
    The two brothers exchanged glances over her head, and she knew what was coming. Her pulse raced as she fully woke now, her body tensing and then curving between theirs. The other three young men still slept and she sensed that Dom and Raul were careful not to wake them. There was a particular closeness between those two, something shared that went deeper than a unique eye color. And being held between them like a cosseted prize made Princesa special too.
    Raul eased the helmet of his prick between her tender nether lips and kissed her chin, running his tongue over the scar that had once marked her as the Comte's property.
    "Can you take us both this morning?" he murmured.
    Dom nibbled on the nape of her neck and fondled her breasts in his big palms. It surprised her how such rough hands could be gentle. "Of course she can. Can't you, Princesa Angel?"
    With both cocks nudging at her, she anticipated this joint mounting with a little trepidation. But a vast deal of excitement.
    "Yes," she whispered, arching her back, encouraging Dom in. "Yes!"
    Raul grinned sleepily and his lower body swayed forward to keep her tight between them. "Here comes your master's seed again. You're sure you can take more? We have not overused you?"
    Biting her lip she shook her head against the fur. "More, please."
    His eyes widened, gleaming with desire. "Kiss me again, slave girl."
    She did so, gladly, devotedly.
    Behind her, Dominigo eased his way into her arse again. It hurt, of course. But after the pain, and through it, came the pleasure to which she was rapidly becoming addicted. Was it possible, she mused, for pain to be pleasure too? With his broad manhood pushing deeper, she was speared again, groaning softly, so anxious to make these men happy.
    She could do this for them. It was all she could do; therefore, she would do it to the best of her ability.
    If only Raul would keep her with him.
    Again through the spike of intense pain came raw delight, a steady pulse thudding through her cunt.
    In front of her, Raul positioned his cock for penetration and then looked deep into her eyes. She had been about to close them, but he whispered at her to keep them open.
    Apparently he wanted to study her expression as the two of them fucked her. "I can feel Dom's cock moving inside you, and he can feel mine. I want to know, by watching your face, the moment he shoots his semen."
    She blinked and then kept her eyes wide open as he wanted. He could read all her secret desires there. She did not want to hide anything from him.
    "Do you like him in your arse, slave?"
    He pushed another inch forward. "Do you like me in your pussy? Like this?"
    "Yes." And she mouthed at him, " I love it ." Warm tears pricked under her lashes, but she fought them back. " I love you ." It devastated her, but it was true.
    "You are a beautiful woman, Princesa," he whispered in a rush of breath, as if he'd tried to hold back. "How could any man let you get away?"
    "Fuck me, Raul," she gasped, fearing she would come before he entered her fully.
    He kissed her on the mouth as he eased the last few rigid inches into her pussy.
    Now she was filled at both entrances. It was too much surely. They would break her slender body between them. But when his tongue pushed into her mouth the exquisite possession was complete and thorough. She was their plaything and for her they fought with swords of flesh.
    Princesa returned Raul's kiss as if it might be her last meal, and the two brothers began timing their jousting thrusts with a skill that told her they'd done this before too.
    A keen spark of competitive jealousy made her work her hips faster between them, smacking her arse cheeks into Dom's groin until he growled and wrapping her legs around Raul's hips to draw him ever deeper into her.
    They might have had other women this way. But they'd never had one like her and she would

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