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gifts recently?  Any anonymous notes?”
    Hannah shook her head.  “Maybe…”
    “Are you sure?”
    “Yes,” Hannah said, “I think I remember getting a gift.”
    There was a moment of hesitation as Hannah answered, unsure if what she was about to say would reveal the identity of the killer.  She didn’t like the idea of Martin figuring it out before her so she added, “I threw it away, I’m sorry.  I thought it was from Dane.”
    Martin’s eyebrow twitched.  “What was it?”
    “I don’t know I never opened it.”
    Martin’s small nose twitched.  It was the only sign Hannah could read of her annoyance, and it elated Hannah to know she could still get under Martin’s skin even as the victim.  Still, she added, “It was in a small white with a red bow.  You know the kind men always think is romantic.”  She shrugged lightly.
    Martin’s nose gave another twitch.  Hannah kept her gaze matched with Martin’s, and the longer she stared the easier it was to hold.  Martin looked away.  “What did you do with it?  Where did you throw it away?  I’ll have officers go and look for it.”
    “Is it really that important?” Hannah asked.  “What could be in it that—”
    “Of course it’s important!” Martin shouted, slamming her hands on the table and she jumped up.  The hit vibrated through the metal and into Hannah, making her flinch at the sudden outburst.  Of all the reactions she’d thought Martin would have that wasn’t one of them.  Her eyes widened as Martin glared down at her, the woman’s small stature suddenly gone.  She seemed like a burning tower crashing upon Hannah.  It was getting hard to breathe, Hannah’s own chest heaving with each shallow intake.
    Hannah furrowed her brow.  “I threw it away at the hotel, if you must know.”  She stood.  “I’m done here.”  She held her purse at her side, her hand shaking as it gripped the strap.
    Martin’s little nose didn’t move this time, but the crinkle on her forehead smoothed out.  Soon enough she was the picture perfect, or better yet, neutral officer she was supposed to be.  She gave a small inhale and nodded.  Once.
    Hannah felt her own nose give a small twitch. 
    Martin moved towards the door without a word, and within a minute Hannah was walking onto the crooked steps of the station.  Something had gone wrong, and Hannah didn’t know what.
    All she knew was that Martin was closer to finding the killer than she was, and she couldn’t let that happen.  The insignificant box Mariana had thrown away was very significant now, but she knew it wasn’t going to do her any good to try and find it.  If this killer really was interested in her as Martin thought, Hannah would just have to wait for them to come to her.
    And if Hannah was good at anything, it was waiting.
    Without anyone to talk to Hannah turned inward.  She couldn't go to her parents for advice, not that she often did, but she wanted to call her father in that moment.  She wanted to ask him for the truth, if she really had done what Preacher Tompkins claimed; if her mother really was afraid of her.  If Jessica wasn't before, she was now.  Not only that, Hannah wanted to ask her father if he ever felt the way she did—if he'd ever enjoyed the things he shouldn't.  Thinking of the alley still gave Hannah a squirm in her stomach, knowing she had fought someone and won.  But Hannah knew that wasn't something you asked your parents, or anyone for that matter.  Their answer would always be a resounding no, even if they wanted to scream yes.
    Society survived on the dark desires of humans.  Alcohol, drugs, smoking, sex; all of it was looked down upon yet Hannah saw everyone do at least one of them on a constant basis.  Garnet's Lake might dress up for church in their Sunday best, but after dark was another story.  After dark was when Hannah knew the people of her town were truly themselves, even if it was behind locked doors.  She'd

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