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Authors: Joshua Debenedetto
every year the older students enjoy going to the try outs and mocking the ambitious first years.  I don’t care how good you are, you will not make a team your first year, and probably not your second either.  That being said, I am required to explain the process to you anyways.”
    Jay could see that Duke was trying to speak as monotone as possible for the explanation to make it sound uninteresting, but the whole room listened intently nevertheless.
    “The simulation games are organized as a requirement for the advanced strategic leadership class, but it is considered a high achievement for any student to be on the winning team.  Each student in the advanced strategic leadership class will orga nize a team of themselves and twenty other students to compete.  The games will be single elimination tournament style, with the matchups randomly chosen.  The winning team gets to face off against the teachers in an exhibition match.  It’s actually pretty neat to hear the stories about that match, although the teachers always win…”  Duke seemed to realize he was starting to get excited, and quickly changed back to his monotone voice.  “The games are each unique scenarios.  The teachers come up with them for the student games, and then one of those scenarios are randomly chosen to be used again in the exhibition match.  I highly recommend trying out…in two or three more years.”
    With his speech given, Duke looked around the dorm room.  To his dismay, all eyes were still looking intently back at him.  He knew at least some of them would not listen to his advice.  I warned them, and now it’s all up to them.   Duke decided.
    Jay could not help but smile over the response to Duke’s speech.  All the students were nodding their head, as if agreeing with Duke’s warnings, but yet every one of them wanted to try out.  He did not need to look at individual thoughts to figure this out, his collage was full of the same things; almost all of them showed excitement and anticipation.  Some were making plans to work extra hard this week to be ready, some were trying to read others minds to see if they would be willing to try out with them, and none were giving Duke’s words of warning any thought at all. 
    There were only three groups of pictures that were deviating from this hesitant excitement.  There were the pictures of the mini-collages that were constantly in his head.  Whoever was reading him must not be interested in the games, he decided.  Then there were Duke’s thoughts, which had already changed to his schedule for the next day, trying to decide if he could fit a workout in between morning classes and lunch.  Jay had quickly realized he could easily read Duke’s thoughts without getting caught.  He tried not to do it too often though, more out of respect than fear.
    Then there was Michael.  He was thinking about the games, just like everyone else, but he was not thinking about try outs this year, he was thinking about the next.  I guess he’s not planning to try out this year , Jay thought.
    “Of course I’m trying out this year.  I just don’t plan to make a team until next ,” Michael responded with a smile, still looking at the floor.  It had not occurred to Jay that Michael might be listening in on his thoughts as well.
    “Excuse me?”  Michael and Jay looked up to see a confused and angry Duke looking over at Michael.  Clearly Duke thought the comment had been directed at him.  It made sense for him to think this too, since the room had been silent since Duke finished telling them about the games.
    Michael was not sure how to respond.  With Michael’s silence, Duke continued.  “Let me tell you something punk, you are not going to make a team, not this year, and not next.  You know how I know?  Because you are nothing.   Nothing but a first year.   There’s nothing special about you, and no reason why any team leader would pick you or any first year over a student

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