The Invisible Husband
my life.” He hadn’t meant his words to sound terse.

    “What if we
have to travel while I’m heavily pregnant and every Inn rejects us
because they don’t like your face?” Adam felt the truth of the
words like another blow to his heart. “How would you feel if I had
to give birth in a ditch to your child?”

    “I love you; I
wouldn’t allow you to travel in that condition.” His heart sneered
in rage as she made no reply, ‘She hates you…hates you…hates you!
My life is over…over…over…!’ Rolling his eyes, Adam growled hoarse
curses on his mother and his heart as he turned and took Eve’s hand
and marched her back around to the front of the house, up the steps
into the house. “Where are those…people?”

    “Mr and Mrs
Roberts are in the red drawing room my Lord…where her Ladyship
directed me to take them.”

    “The wretches
will be staying the night. I’m returning to my study; I don’t want
my wife left alone with Roberts. I want you or another male servant
in attendance at all times. Lady Latham will entertain them.”

    “Very good my…”
Adam had already released Eve’s hand and was hoping to disappear
down a dark hall as footsteps pattered after him.

    “Adam!” His
tongue remained silent as his heart effusively replied,
‘Eve…Eve…Eve…’ “You’re not angry with me are you?”


    “You’re walking
like you’re angry.”

    “I’m not

    “You’ll still
show me the gardens this evening, won’t you?”


    “Could you stop
for minute?” She loudly caught her breath as he abruptly stopped.
“I need to know that you’re not upset with me.”

    “I’m not upset
with you.”

    “Yes you

    “No I’m

    “Yes you are! I
can smell your irritation and its wafting in my direction.”

    “So your
intuition is valid, but mine is not. I’ll remember that in

    “Hah! I knew
you were upset with me.”

    “Those people
are bad news and you dismiss my intuition, which is always right,
and now you’re trying to make me feel bad for wanting to protect

    “I don’t…I’m

    Adam folded his
arms in defiance. “Yes you are.”

    “No I’m not…why
would I want to make you feel bad?”

    “To prove that
you’re right, when clearly you’re not.”

    “Right about
    “About letting those ghastly people stay the night; you wanted your
way so you poked at the poor creature caged in my chest. I’m sorry
if you were forced to marry me. There’s still time to change your
mind if you find your present situation repugnant.”

    “I’m sorry I
hurt your feelings. I was just trying to…”

    “Get your

    “Help a heavily
pregnant woman!”

    “Eve, Mr
Roberts is probably not the father. He’s probably not her husband.
I doubt Roberts is even his name. They’re a pair of charlatans and
now, thanks to my helpful mother, you think me a savage villain.
You’ll never love me and my poor heart will starve to death…”

    He tensed as
Eve flung his cloak back over his shoulders and tapped on his chest
with a light finger. “Hello in there? Did I hurt you? I’m

    Adam manfully
sniffed back emotions as she pressed her cheek over his heart. A
soothing peace oozed through layers of fabric and penetrated his
skin. “My heart is purring with pleasure at your nearness. Forgive
me for thinking you’d want to hurt us.”

    “I didn’t mean
to hurt you and I don’t care how I came to be in your clutches. I’m
content to remain, if it suits you.”

    “It suits me!”
Adam felt his heart smile allowing his face to follow suit.

    “Good, tell my
creature that at dusk I’ll be knocking on your study door demanding
its attention.”

    “It’ll be
unlocked. We’ll be waiting for you; silently arguing over which one
of us loves you more.” Adam’s shoulders relaxed as she laughed in

    “What will you
do if it’s a draw?”

    “We’ll be

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