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Authors: RC Bridgestock
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Sign here,’ she said leaning over her desk to point on the dotted line.
    Jen ’s heart was racing but she didn’t pick up the pen. ‘No, actually, this is nothing like we agreed,’ she said. Jen became conscious of the stopping of the tapping on Donna’s typewriter keys in the adjoining admin office. Avril seemed to grow ten foot tall in front of her eyes. Dylan had warned Jen that she should be under no illusions of thinking that Avril would have mellowed after the experience at Maisy’s birth. Jen threw a whimsical smile of sadness in her direction.
    ‘I ’m not signing anything. This feels like the start of constructive dismissal to me.’ Jen stood.
    ‘ Well, I don’t see an alternative.’
    Jen walked out of Avril ’s office without looking back. Tears of rage filled her eyes and she wiped them from her cheek. Donna looked on. Damn, why did she always cry when she was angry?
    Jen had never seen Penny so effervescent. So much so that she allowed her skinny latte to go cold and the cheese that dripped from her Toastie congeal on her plate as she talked and talked about her new-found happiness. ‘It might just be a cleaning job to you, Jen but it’s opened up a whole new world for me. You never told me working at the nick was so exciting? There is never a dull moment.’
    Jen couldn ’t help but smile at her friend’s eager face. ‘You’ll change your tune when the novelty wears off.’
    ‘ Well it beats stacking shelves at Tesco any day,’ she said smiling broadly. ‘Cleaning will do until I get a job in admin like you. Malcolm is very kindly showing me around all the computer systems. He says the more I know about how to use them and what they are used for, the better for me when it comes to the application and interviews. He’s going to help me with my application too when a job comes up. Maybe Dylan could put in a good word?’
    ‘ I don’t know if he can if I’m honest, but you can ask him.’
    ‘ How’s Max?’
    ‘I ’m just on my way to the vet now. Penny could I ask you a favour?’
    Penny nodded as she gulped down the last of her cold coffee. She grimaced and put the cup down hurriedly.
    ‘Look, I haven’t thought this through yet, truth be known she’s just sprung it on me, but the bitch...’
    ‘Beaky? ’
    ‘ Yes, Beaky. In her infinite wisdom she wants to change my hours. I’ve told her I can’t, but in my experience if she wants something she usually manufactures a way of getting it. Do think you might be able to walk Max more for us if we need you?’ she asked hesitantly.
    ‘Oh, gosh. I don ’t know. What with me working, the kids and my new fella...’ she said.
    ‘It ’s a hell of an ask, I know. Don’t worry, I was just sounding you out.’
    ‘ I will if I can.’
    ‘ Look, don’t worry. It’s not your problem. Dylan and I will work something out.’
    Jen’s face was glum when Jack Dylan walked through the door that night. She was sitting on the sofa.
    ‘ Not a good day?’ he asked.
    ‘ We need to talk,’ said Jen. ‘Over dinner?’
    ‘ Ouch, that bad?’
    Jen gave him a weak smile.
    Dylan kissed the top of her head. He felt the slight twitch of her shoulder. She rose, stretched and yawned.
    ‘I ’ll plate up shall I?’ she said.
    ‘ How’s Max doing?’ Dylan called as he climbed the stairs.
    ‘He ’s doing okay, but they’re keeping him in until they have got his bloods back from the lab,’ she said following him into the hallway and heading towards the kitchen.
    ‘I ’ll go shower and get these clothes bagged up for the cleaners,’ Dylan said offering her his jacket over the handrail.
    ‘ Urgh, yes please,’ she said wrinkling up her nose.
    There was a warm, comforting, cooking smell radiating from the kitchen. Dylan looked in on Maisy who was sleeping soundly in the nursery. She had recently assumed a new sleeping position. He stroked her back. Her bottom stuck further in the air. ‘That can’t be comfy little one,’ he

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