Rescued by Fate (Fate Trilogy)

Free Rescued by Fate (Fate Trilogy) by Jayna Elcock

Book: Rescued by Fate (Fate Trilogy) by Jayna Elcock Read Free Book Online
Authors: Jayna Elcock
Chapter 1
    Dr. Emma Coo k had been in the South American jungle for six weeks now and she was starting to wonder if she would ever have the pleasure of a hot shower again.  That certainly wasn’t going to happen tonight. Then of course, there was that other issue to deal with. The one she hadn’t planned for when she took this 3-month assignment providing aid to a remote jungle village. She was horny now and regretted that she never thought to pack a vibrator…not that it would it have made it through security. I can see it now she thought, Yes, Mr. TSA agent Sir. It’s a massager for my um…well, hmmm, my ear?   Never in her wildest dreams could Emma imagine being caught with a vibrator, so alas, Mr. Lucky was back home in Seattle stuck in storage with the rest of her life, not that that there was much of a life anyway. Emma had spent the last thirty years being a good girl, dressing like a good girl, studying to be a good doctor, never doing anything NOT good, and always being everyone’s favorite “good” everything. So, much to this good girl’s surprise, here she was in a South America jungle where there were no eligible men, and she was hornier than she had even been in her whole life!  But tonight, she was too tired and too hot to care. Tonight, a cold shower and her bed was all she would be able to manage.
    “ If I don’t go now, either she’s going to be dead, or it’s going to be really fucking messy when I do go.” Sam whispered into his radio. He was definitely losing his patience with command at this point.
    “Sam , I repeat, we do not have clearance to intervene at this time!” Izz repeated. He knew that Sam was right, but Fuck, orders were orders.
    “S he is an American doctor and we’re just going to let her get…IF she’s lucky, just killed, but you and I both know what they will most likely do to her if they get there first. I am going now.” With that, Sam jump down from the tree and moved toward her tent.
    He had on ly been watching for the last thirty minutes, waiting to get the order to pick her up, but Sam already thought she was amazing. He arrived right as she stepped out from her shower. The worthless curtains over the window made watching her easy and surprisingly arousing. Well, not all that surprising, since she was the first beautiful naked woman he had seen in more than 10 months, and the last had been a stripper back in Mexico City. He never really understood the appeal of strippers; it always felt too artificial to him. He liked a real woman, and a real striptease, not some random stranger dancing for bills. Unfortunately, the life of a SEAL did not afford time for actual relationships so Sam had definitely hit a dry patch in the cumming department lately. Yes, the tightening he felt in his pants as he watched her dry herself was just about the drought, not about this woman in particular. The Doc was mostly air drying since it was unreasonable hot. She was beautiful. She had full hips, a beautiful round ass, and spectacular breasts, large and rounded with dollar-sized nipples. She seemed to be taking full advantage of a cool breeze on her skin but at one, point he would have sworn he saw her fondling one of those wonderful breasts and tightly pinching the nipple. From his current observation point, it was insanely erotic.
    Sam quickly moved through the brush toward her, it was going to be close and he would have to hurry. His team intercepted a message that there had been a “hit” ordered by the head of a local cartel. It seems that the “Dirty American Doctor” had treated one of the gang’s rivals after a failed hit, and he was recovering nicely; this was seen as a threat, and a reward for her head was offered.  Sam was not going to let that happen.
    “ Hmmmm,” she moaned. Emma’s finger was slowly rubbing back and forth across her pubic hair, Think Emma, isn’t there anyone who turns you on? She slid one finger between her slit encountering her own warmth

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