Holding On (Memories)

Free Holding On (Memories) by Emma Hart

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Authors: Emma Hart
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    I look at him, an amused smile on my face. “For once, yeah. I never knew you could be funny. Am I rubbing off on you?”
    His smirk transforms into a grin. “You can rub off on me anytime, babe.”
    “I’d have to be very, very drunk to do that.” I sip my wine, and he steps closer to me.
    “Then don’t take any drinks from me tonight,” he mutters. “Or I might just take you up on that offer.”
    “Offer?” I raise an eyebrow, backing into Alec. Where did he come from? “What offer was that, Samuel?”
    “The one where you get very, very drunk, and rub yourself off on me.” He winks.
    Alec coughs. “Hi, remember me? The best friend to your boyfriend, Jen?”
    I spin, tilting my glass towards him. “Don’t blame me for this. He’s the one that turned an innocent comment into something indecent!”
    Bing steps back innocently. “Don’t turn this around on me, Jen. You know how my mind works.”
    “He has a point.” Lexy finally turns back to us. “Rub, or any variation of the word, is a dangerous thing to use around my brother. He could turn a rubber band into something sexual.”
    Bing grins wickedly, putting a hand in his trouser pocket, and rocks back on his heels. I can almost see the cogs turning in his brain, making a rubber band into something sexual, and a very small part of me wants to know just how sexual he could make that. It makes me slightly worried that I’m entertaining those thoughts.
    But then I accepted a long time ago I’m not mentally normal, so I’m not sure if worried is the right word.
    Alec sighs, shaking his head, but a smile is touching on his lips.
    “Don’t look now,” Lexy mutters, looking down. “…But this party is about to get a show.”
    “I’m not stripping, if that’s what you’re hoping for,” Jayna’s sickly sweet voice says as she and Adrian join our group.
    Ooo-kay. Their definition of staying away and Bing’s are clearly different.
    I glance up at Bing, noting his hard eyes and tight jaw. Yep. Their definitions are as different as sex with a man and sex with a vibrator.
    “If you were looking for someone hoping that, you’re about three streets over from the Blind People’s Monthly Convention,” Bing grinds out. His head snaps towards Adrian, and I see Alec glaring at the newcomer out of the corner of my eye.
    If there was any more testosterone in this room, I’d have to wonder if I’d walked into a fourteen year old changing room at the leisure centre.
    “It’s no wonder you’re single, Bing, with the way you talk to girls.” Jayna glances at him with disdain.
    “Who said I was single?” Bing raises his eyebrows.
    Woah, woah, woah! Stop right there and pull your thong from your ass. Bing isn’t single?
    “What?” Lexy asks, staring at him. “You have a girlfriend? Since when?”
    “Since yesterday.” He laughs.
    “Yet you’re here with another girl?” Adrian smirks. “Way to start a relationship. Are you sleeping with Blondie too?”
    “Your balls are still on my list of Christmas decorations for Big Ben, Adrian. Don’t push it.” I smile at him, my voice deathly calm.
    “I thought I told you to stay away from my sister, anyway?” Bing glares at him.
    “Jayna wanted to come over.” Adrian looks at Lexy. Alec steps closer to her, and I bristle as the tension climbs another notch. Someone keep heavy objects away, because it looks like a caveman needs a club.
    I fight my smile at myself again. Damn.
    “Well she’s here. You can always go and get yourself a drink, Adrian.”
    “I think Lexy can speak for herself, Bing.” Jayna looks between brother and sister, and I narrow my eyes at her. So what if I’m imagining what she’d look like if someone accidentally tipped wine all over her head?
    “I can, and I think it’s best if Adrian leaves.” Lexy’s words are quiet but firm, and there’s no doubt in my mind that wasn’t a request. No, she was telling him to go. I feel like I need some pom-poms or

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