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looking after Jimmy, Sally fell down and scraped her knee.
    If you get a babysitter to look after the kids, we can go out.
    My aunt used to come over and look after my sister and I every morning.
    GET ON
    to get on with someone = llevarse bien con alguien.
    Si va en negativo, significa llevarse mal. También acepta adverbios (well, very well, pretty well, extremely well, better, best, etc) entre las partículas on y with.
    She doesn’t get on very well with her boss, but she gets on extremely well with her coworkers.
    Do you get on with your parents?
    How do you get on with your classmates?
    I’ve been getting on better with my mother the last few years.
    I get on pretty well with all my cousins, but I get on best with my cousin Phil.
    I don’t get on terribly well with people like him. He’s so annoying!
    to put something on = ponerse una prenda, etc.
    to take something off = quitar una prenda, etc.
    He took off his jacket and hung it up behind the door.
    You should take off your hat in the Cathedral.
    In many countries, it’s customary to take off your shoes when you go in the house. In winter, people put on slippers to keep their feet warm.
    Why don’t you put on your raincoat? You’re getting wet!
    Did you put on sunblock when you went to the beach? You’re sunburnt!
    If I take off my glasses, I won’t be able to read the newspaper.
    She put on her gloves so she wouldn’t get her hands dirty in the garden.
    take off = despegar (un avión) Lo contrario es land o touch down.
    Sorry for the delay, the plane will be taking off in just a few minutes.
    In the end, the plane took off almost an hour late. We just landed a few minutes ago.
    to turn something on = encender un aparato electrico
    to turn something off = apagar un aparato electrico.
    Muchas veces un ordenador dice “shut down” en vez de “turn off.”
    You should turn off your mobile if you’re going to sleep. You don’t want it to wake you up.
    She opened the door and turned on the light.
    The lights are programmed to turn off automatically after a minute.
    We should turn on the air conditioning. It’s getting hot.
    I’m going to turn off the stove. The soup is cooked.
    If you turn off the heating when you leave, you’ll save electricity.
    Could you turn off the TV? I’m finished watching it.
    Have you already turned on the computer?
    to start out = empezar un proceso, un viaje, etc.
    to end up = acabar, terminar un proceso, llegar a un punto.
    He started out studying to be a lawyer, but he ended up working as a teacher.
    We started out at home, and after an hour walking, we ended up in the town center.
    When he started out writing songs, he never imagined he’d end up being in a band.
    I started out thinking I was going to go to New York, but I ended up going to Istanbul.
    Eventually he ended up living with his mother again, at age 50.
    The day started out well, but I had a bad headache in the afternoon.
    When I started out, I imagined it would be a lot easier.
    I wanted to go out, but finally I ended up staying home.
    to turn something up = subir (el volumen, la calefacción, etc)
    to turn something down = bajar (el volumen, la calefacción, etc.)
    Ambos phrasal verbs se utilizan principalmente con aparatos electrónicos.
    Could you please turn down the music? I can’t sleep!
    If we turn up the heat, we’ll be more comfortable. It must be below freezing outside.
    She turned down the volume on her mp3 player so she could concentrate better.
    He turned up the TV when his favorite music video came on.
    “turn up” tiene otro significado: aparecer (inesperadamente)
    I was looking for the cat all

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