27 Phrasal verbs que debes conocer 3ª Ed.

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Authors: Daniel Welsch
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afternoon, eventually she turned up under the sofa.
    Her keys finally turned up, but by that time they’d already called a locksmith.
    “turn something/someone down” también tiene otro significado: rechazar.
    He asked her out several times, but she always turned him down.
    He found out that his visa application had been turned down yesterday.
    to set out = partir, ir de viaje
    to get back = volver de viaje, o simplemente volver.
    El sentido normal de irse o salir se expresa con “go” o “leave.”
    If we set out early, we’ll get back before dinner.
    What time did you get back from your trip?
    He left for work early in the morning, and didn’t get back until 11 o’clock at night.
    The bus gets back to town around 6. Can you come to the station to pick me up?
    We should set out before lunch, that way we’ll miss the traffic.
    The earlier we set out, the earlier we’ll arrive.
    He’s gone out for a moment. I’ll talk to him as soon as he gets back.
    Could you tell her to call me when she gets back?
    break up with someone = terminar una relación romántica, separarse, romper.
    Si se usa “we broke up” o “they broke up” no se usa el “with someone.”
    Have you heard? Susan broke up with her boyfriend this weekend.
    Tom has been a bit depressed since Kate broke up with him.
    Bill is thinking about breaking up with his girlfriend.
    Don’t worry if he breaks up with you. You’ll find someone new.
    Sam is so strange! He’s always falling in love with girls, then breaking up with them a coupe of weeks later.
    I was sad when we broke up, but now I think it’s for the best.
    When she met him, she hadn’t yet broken up with her previous boyfriend.
    to break down = romperse, averiarse (un vehículo, una máquina grande)
    When the train broke down, we had to wait for 3 hours to continue on our journey.
    His car broke down when he was on holiday, and he had to take it to the mechanic.
    Did it break down on when he was leaving, or on the way back?
    If your car breaks down, you’ll have to call the tow truck.
    When one of the factory’s machines broke down, they had to stop working and fix it.
    My old Chevrolet has broken down so many times I don’t trust it anymore.
    He had to spend the afternoon fixing his motorcycle after it broke down.
    to get rid of something = deshacerte de algo.
    When she got rid of her car, she started taking public transport a lot more.
    I have some old clothes I want to get rid of. Do you know who I can donate them to?
    I really want to get rid of all these books. They’re cluttering up my room.
    Do you think we should get rid of these tools? We hardly ever use them.
    I’ve already lost a lot of weight, but I can’t seem to get rid of these last few kilos.
    I got rid of a lot of stuff by selling it online.
    I think you’d be better off if you got rid of your old car and bought a newer one.
    to work out = solucionar un problema, calcular
    They’ve been trying to work out the problems with their computer all day.
    Hopefully he and his girlfriend can work everything out. They’ve been having a difficult time lately.
    Did you work out how much we have to pay in taxes?
    In the end everything worked out fine, and we could forget about the whole thing.
    to work out = hacer deporte
    He always works out three times a week. That’s why he’s so thin.
    After I work out at the gym, I always like to eat a big lunch.
    Working out makes me feel great! Whenever I’m a little bit down I go for a run.
    Professional athletes spend several hours each day working out.
    to make up a story = inventar una historia
    That story was a lie. She made the

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