Age Of Empires Castle Siege Cheats

Age of Empires: Castle Siege was originally released by Microsoft Studios for Windows and Smoking Gun Interactive, also available for iPhone and iPad users since 2015. The game is part of the long and popular Age of Empires saga, and in this mobile version, you will have to guide your empire throughout the medieval era, through different epochs.

Game Story of Age of Empires Castle Siege

welcome to the Age of Empires Castle Siege this is Richard the lionhearted whom will be assisting you throughout the various stages of the game with details, and now let’s teach you exactly how to build up the castle you have always dreamt of and advance through the several ages so we could be simply crushing our enemies as we progress and develop new technologies in our base, but remember that they key to advance in the kingdom and produce much greater energies and improved powers will come at a cost of gold coins and that is why you need to learn exactly the fastest ways to earn gold in this game, we would recommend you to keep on reading the Age of Empires Castle Siege guide carefully and pay attention to every single word mentioned down right here.

Age of Empires Castle Siege cheats

Age-of-Empires-Castle-Siege cheat codes

Unlockable How to Unlock
Appropriation (10) Unlocked each civilization’s unique troop
Castellan (5) Successfully defended your castle 10 times
Dismantler (5) Destroyed 30 Emplacements in Multiplayer Battles
Flanking Tower (10) Upgraded an Archer Tower to level 5
Founding the Empire (5) Won 20 Multiplayer Battles
Heavy Cavalry (10) Built a Stable
Icons of History (10) Unlocked any 6 heroes
Lord Commander (5) Won 100 Crowns in Multiplayer Battles
March Through History (5) Won 3 battles in the Historical Campaign
Master Forager (5) Looted 200,000 Food
Multi Cultural (25) Fully upgraded each civilization’s unique troop
Over the Walls (5) Unlocked the Catapult from the Siege Workshop
Pillager (10) Looted 100,000 Wood
Raiding Force (5) Unlocked the Raiders from the Barracks
Ravager (10) Looted 60,000 Stone
Siege Master (10) Destroyed the Keep 100 times in Multiplayer Battles
The Dark Ages (5) Advanced to the Second Age
The Renaissance (25) Advanced to the Eighth Age
Under the King’s Command (10) Destroyed 40 Walls in Multiplayer Battles
Warlord (25) Won 2000 Crowns in Multiplayer Battles


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