Vaughan world
time had he gone to bed the night before?
    5. How many hours had he spent doing an important translation at home?
    6. Did he do the translation for a personal client or for a client of the Ministry?
    7. When did this client need the translation?
    8. Did Pierre know about this translation when he got home the day before?
    9. Did he start doing this translation when he got home?
    10. What translation did he start doing?
    11. By what day did this translation?
    12. Who did he receive a phone call from need to be finished?
    13. What time did he receive the call?
    14. Did the Chairman of Peugeot know Pierre personally?
    15. Why did he know him?
    16. Who did the Chairman have a meeting with?
    17. Where is Volvo located?
    18. When was the meeting originally scheduled?
    19. What had happened concerning the meeting?
    20. What did the Chairman urgently need Pierre to do?
    21. What would this mean for Pierre?
    22. What did he tell the Chairman of Peugeot?
    23. How soon did he receive the documents?
    24. How did he receive them?
    25. How far had he progressed by 7:00 p.m.?
    26. How long was one of the letters?
    27. What did his wife do at 9:00 p.m.?
    28. How much had he already translated by that time?
    29. What was the problem with the second half of the contract?
    30. What did the second half of the contract include?
    31. What problem did Pierre have with one sentence?
    32. How far had he progressed by 3:00 a.m.?
    33. What did he do between 3:00 and 4:00 a.m.?
    34. When did he send the translation to Peugeot?
    35. How did he send it to them?
    36. How did he feel when he went to bed?
    37. What was his only consolation?
    38. What was his feeling about the effort he had made?

    François Monet is Pierre’s nephew. He’s 27 years old and works in a large French chemical company. He’s a salesman and he travels to many factories throughout the European Union. He often travels to Huelva, a small city not far from Seville, in Spain. When he goes to Seville, he always rents a car to drive to Huelva. That’s how he met Inés García. They met because of a traffic accident. François thinks he was lucky to have the accident, because otherwise he wouldn’t have met Inés. Now he thinks about her every day and calls her as often as he can. He’s even invited her to visit Paris. However, he’s a little afraid of having a more serious relationship with her because he doesn’t understand the character of the people from the south of Spain, especially from Seville. They seem like fun people who look for ways to enjoy life. But he still remembers the opera he saw several years ago called “Carmen”. In the opera, a young soldier fell in love with a gypsy girl from Seville. The poor soldier had all kinds of problems. Inés wasn’t a gypsy girl, but sometimes she talked and behaved like the singer who played the role of Carmen in the opera. Inés had black hair and dark eyes. François found her very attractive and very different from the girls in Paris. The last time he spoke to her, he invited her to visit Paris. Since then, he’s called her three times, but her mobile phone was disconnected each time. He hopes she’ll call him.

    1. How is François Monet related to Pierre Monet?
    2. How old is he?
    3. Does he work in a Spanish company?
    4. Where does he work?
    5. What’s his job in the company?
    6. Where does he travel in his job?
    7. Where does he go when he travels to Spain?
    8. How does he travel when he’s in Spain?
    9. How did he meet Inés García?
    10. Why is he glad he had the accident?
    11. How often does he think about Inés?
    12. How often does he call her?
    13. What has he invited her to do?
    14. What is his feeling about having a serious relationship with her?
    15. Why is he afraid?
    16. What do the people from Seville seem like to him?
    17. What opera did he see several years ago?
    18. Who did the French soldier fall in love with?
    19. What happened in his relationship with her?
    20. Is Inés a

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