Little White Lies
and was always running a million miles a minute. She didn’t always have the calming effect on Missy that I did.”
    Jack nodded, understanding perfectly.  Miranda had that same calming effect on him too, which was one of the things that made being with her so enjoyable.  He didn’t have to try to impress her and knew she would never get upset if he didn’t take her to the most posh restaurants or prestigious social events.  He could simply be himself and go whichever way the wind blew them because she was content just to be with him. 
    The women he usually dated were always overly concerned about where he was taking them and who would be there to see them on his arm.  And if he left their side for any length of time, they hunted him down and pouted about being neglected.  He used to think it was flattering that a woman was so enamored of him she couldn’t bear to be separated even for a short period. Eventually, he put his ego aside long enough to realize it was because their status at these events dwindled to nothing unless people recognized they were with him. 
    He thought of Miranda and how it would feel to walk in with her by his side.  She certainly wouldn’t have to hunt him down because Jack was pretty damn sure he’d never let her out of his sight.  He stole a quick glance at her and shook his head.  If someone had told him even a week ago that he would be spending twenty-four hours a day with one woman and thinking it wasn’t nearly long enough, he would have laughed his ass off. 
    And if they’d told him he’d not only be accompanying her on a shopping spree and footing the bill, but was actually looking forward to it, he would have told them all they were crazy.  But here he was, heading to Elizabeth’s Boutique after having spent the past three nights and two days with Miranda, and he couldn’t have been more content.  No, content was too tame a word for what he was feeling.  Happy, exhilarated, ecstatic, and it was all because of the beautiful woman beside him.

Chapter 5
    Elizabeth’s hadn’t been open for more than twenty minutes by the time they pulled into the parking lot, but already there were several women browsing around the exclusive shop when they stepped inside.  Jack left Miranda to admire a collection of silk blouses while he went in search of the boutique’s owner, Elizabeth Russell.  He’d known her for years and simply adored the vivacious woman.
    There had never been anything romantic between them; Beth only had eyes for Jack’s corporate attorney and good friend, Dave Russell.  He’d wanted to take Miranda some place that offered only the finest of clothing and knew there were very few shops that could top Elizabeth’s.  But the real reason he’d brought her here was because he trusted Beth to cover for him and not let the cat out of the bag.  She probably wouldn’t approve, but she would never betray him.
    Jack caught Beth’s arm just as she was coming out of the back room and whisked her off to a corner behind the counter where they wouldn’t be interrupted by customers.  She gave him a big hug before teasing him about being there since she knew his aversion for such feminine places.  He took her ribbing good naturedly knowing full well he was going to get more of the same and probably worse when Dave found out he’d been there and why.  Casting a furtive glance at Miranda, Jack explained what was going on then begged her not to expose him when she looked at him as if he’d lost his mind.  As he knew she would, Beth finally relented and told him to take Miranda back to one of the dressing rooms.
    Miranda didn’t miss the familiar way the stunning blonde hugged Jack or how close they stood as they huddled in a corner behind the counter.  She told herself it was ridiculous to be jealous, that she couldn’t possibly care enough about him after only a few days to warrant this kind of a response.  Even so, when

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