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even know he had. The coffeemaker was going and a pot sat on the stove with steam rising from it.
    "I had strawberries?"
    "Morning!" José cheered. "Thought you were going to sleep the day away. We have to go get your brother, remember? And no, you didn't have strawberries. I had Savaro run some over first thing this morning." José danced around the island in the kitchen, putting things away, then stopped to dip a fork into the boiling pot, mixed the contents, and reached for a bottle of pepper. That he put

    back in the cupboard, turned off the stove then looked at him. "What?" he asked.
    "You can cook?" Ronin smiled.
    "Barely. The only thing I know how to make is breakfast," José replied. "Everything else, Jamal and Savaro are the cooks."
    Ronin laughed softly and ventured farther into the kitchen. He wrapped an arm around José's hips and reached for a strawberry with his other hand. He pulled the stem off and stuck that bit into his mouth, leaving the pointed part out. Easing his head in, he smiled as José got the picture and reached in to bite the tip off the strawberry. Moaning, Ronin grabbed the back of José's head and kissed him around the fruit. When he pulled back to eat his part, José was chewing and smiling at him.
    "You spoil me," José said softly. "And I would really love to show you some appreciation. But we have to eat then leave to get your brother. It's almost eight-thirty."
    "Mack will be there no matter what time we show up," Ronin said, reaching in for another kiss. "Show me some appreciation. Come back to bed, just for a little while."
    And for the first time in his life, Ronin made love to a man. He lay José down on the bed and touched him gently, feeling the soft shiver of José's body. He kissed

    every bit of skin, stroked every muscle, and licked every tender spot he could reach. He listened to José's rapid breathing and basked in the soft calls of his name tumbling repeatedly from José's lips. When he finally cradled José's face, locked gazes, and penetrated his lover, Ronin's whole world erupted in nothing but José. Moaning helplessly, he rode José with long, slow strokes. José's fingers dug into his back and dragged downward. The sweet burning of pleasure rippled through his body.
    "José," Ronin whispered and lowered his mouth to José's.
    Suddenly José bit down on Ronin's lower lip just before hot, wet cum slid between where their bodies were pressed so sexily together.
    After his climax, he met José's gaze again to see tears spilling down the side of his lover's face. Ronin quickly knelt between José's legs.
    "Baby? What's the matter? Did I hurt you? José please, talk to me."
    A smile danced over José's lips. "No. You didn't hurt me. Just… just hold me, okay?"
    "But you were crying."
    "I didn't mean to. I was just so—you touched me so tenderly. Nothing is wrong, I promise."
    Ronin wasn't sure but he lay behind José and pulled

    him into his arms. Although he was happy to stay just the way they were, Ronin soon had to kiss José's back and allow his lover to take a shower quickly before he took his.
    Getting ready took no time at all and while José slept in the passenger side seat, he drove to Century in silence. Once there, the monitors revealed Mack's plane was late so he parked in the shadiest spot he could find and the two relaxed and waited.
    Ronin sat on the truck's hood with his back against the windshield and his ankles crossed. They weren't allowed into the airport so they had to wait outside. José was sitting beside him with his head resting against Ronin's shoulder. Even with the sound of the street and the airport, Ronin felt at peace. A strange quiet left his heart beating rapidly and his whole body throbbing sweetly. Turning his head, he pressed a kiss to José's hair, which caused the Spaniard to look up at him. Helplessly, he bowed his head and took José's lips. He inhaled as their tongues tangled around each other.
    "Let's go to Spain," Ronin

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