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Free Jose's Surrender by Remmy Duchene

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Authors: Remmy Duchene
Tags: General Fiction
aren't you?"
    "Not really."
    "Does he know you're gay?"
    Ronin nodded. "He was the first person to know. I just—I've never taken a guy home before. I don't know what the proper etiquette is."
    "Really? Never? Why am I different?"
    "It's a valid question."
    Ronin flipped on his signal and pulled over into the parking lot for the restaurant. When he turned the ignition off, he shifted in his seat to face José. "You just are. You do things to me—with you I actually want things to work…"
    The smile José gave him caused his breath to catch in his throat and his body to burn sweetly. "Thank you,"
    José whispered.
    Ronin kissed him.
    "For the record, I told my mom about you."
    "She wants to know when we're coming to Spain."

    Ronin laughed and eased from the car. "Well, we can go anytime you want."
    "You're yanking me."
    "José—" Ronin took José by the hips and pinned him gently against the hood of the car. "I thought you'd know by now when I'm really yanking you." To stress his point, he reached down and caressed José's cock through his pants. He then caught José's penis and yanked it a few times until he felt it stiffen.
    "Damn, Ronin. Do we really need to eat right now?" José wanted to know and snaked his arms around Ronin's neck.
    "We won't stay long. Just in and out—because I have to get some groceries before I pick up Mack tomorrow."
    "Can I go with you to get him?"
    "Yes. And if you want to come you have to spend the night at my place."
    José smirked. "I can live with that. Now, we should get inside because I'm sure there are laws against doing what I want to do to you in public."
    With a final pull of José's dick, Ronin let it go and together they walked inside. The moment they came through the door, however, Ronin knew they weren't going to be leaving any time soon. Xavier and Rajan were sitting

    at a table in a private section and invited them to join them.
    "You two on a date?" José asked.
    "Not really. Just a night out…" Rajan said then arched a brow and looked from José to Ronin. "You two sleeping together?"
    Ronin pressed his lips into a thin line. José caressed his back.
    "It's all right, sweetie," he said, falling into one of the chairs beside Xavier. "With these guys, you learn to get used to the sudden outbursts. When Savaro started dating Jamal, Rajan here told Savaro he looked like guilt and sex."
    "Oy vey," Ronin moaned. He sat down across from José beside Rajan. "This is going to take some getting used to."
    "Sooooo…" Rajan dragged out while twisting his wrist and eyeing Ronin. "You are sleeping together?"
    José smacked him and Rajan groaned.
    "Yes, we are sleeping together." Ronin laughed.
    "Happy now?"
    Xavier groaned and palmed his forehead.
    "What are your intentions with our good friend here?" Rajan asked, imitating a shotgun-wielding father.
    "Well, I am hoping to steal his virtue then run away," Ronin joked.
    There was a brief moment of silence before José,

    Rajan, and Laird burst out laughing. Ronin looked to all three of them wondering what he'd said. He was so sure the joke wasn't that funny.
    "What?" Ronin asked.
    "My virtue!" José gasped through his laughter.
    Ronin shook his head and chuckled. "My bad."

Chapter Ten
    First thing in the morning, Ronin opened his eyes and reached for José. His hand hit the empty bed. He pushed into sitting position and looked around the room.
    He was alone. Instantly his heart fell. Rubbing his eyes, he pushed from the bed and reached for a pair of jeans that lay discarded on the floor from the night before. The smell of freshly cooked food danced its way up the stairs causing Ronin to moan and hurriedly haul on his pants and zip up.
    He didn't know José could cook. Smiling, he descended the stairs and stopped at the kitchen door, folded his arms over his chest, and leant his shoulder against the doorframe.
    A steaming plate of scrambled eggs sat on the counter. Beside that was a plate of strawberries Ronin didn't

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