Damaged But Not Broken (New Adult Rockers)

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Authors: W.H. Vega
It’s the
first I’ve heard of it.”
    Savannah finishes her water, and
licks her glossy lips. “I don’t like it,” she says bluntly. “If she’s going to
sign with Kenny, then you’ll be seeing even more of her.”
    I feel a swell of hope, but quickly
cover it up. “I doubt it. How often do I see Kenny’s other groups?”
    Savannah nods. “I guess so.
Hopefully your tour will start soon.”
    It seems the worst is over and I
take the opportunity to change the subject to dinner. I suggest taking Savannah
out which makes her happy. I hope that’s the last we talk about Paige, but as I
look at the sparkling diamond on Savannah’s finger, I can’t help wondering what
it would look like on Paige’s hand.
    Friday rolls around quickly, and I
conveniently forget to tell Savannah that I’m heading out to the club Clipper
to see Paige play.
    “Where are you going again?”
Savannah calls from the bathroom as she dolls herself up. She and Abby are
going to have a girls night, while Ryan and I go see Paige. Ryan doesn’t
actually know we’re seeing Paige either, he just thinks we’re heading out to
the Clipper for drinks and live music.
    I hesitate not wanting to disclose
our location in case she decides to stop by and surprise me. “Umm, I have to
check with Ryan. I forget.”
    “I thought I heard you say the
Clipper when you were on the phone with him.”
    “Oh yeah. Maybe that was it.”
    This lying makes me feel like an
    “Whatever." She says. "Just
    “Where are you and Abby heading?”
    “Don’t know. Dinner out and then
maybe we’ll go dancing.”
    She comes slinking out of the
bathroom, dressed in sky-high electric blue heels and a short black dress.
    “Damn, baby. You’re going dancing
like that?”
    I can’t help it. Savannah looks
like she’s on the prowl.
    “What’s wrong with it?” she asks
    I’m no fool. When Savannah goes
somewhere she wants to be the center of attention. She dresses to impress. Her
hair is perfectly styled and loose down her back, and she has full makeup on.
    She blows me a kiss so as not to
mess up her lipstick. “See you later, sugar. Don’t wait up if you get in before
    “Alright. Have fun. Don’t do
anything stupid.”
    Savannah rolls her eyes and walks
out of the room.
    Once the bathroom is free, I take a
quick shower and a little over an hour later, Ryan and I are walking into the
Clipper. I see Kenny at a table with some other business people, and I wave.
    “Did you know Kenny was going to be
here?” Ryan asks.
    “No but you know how he is. He’s
always out at these places.”
    I look over and see Kenny nursing a
club soda. He seems to be keeping his shit together since his label nearly
tanked. I remember Kenny being a big drinker when Paige and I were kids, and it
only seemed to get worse after Paige left.
    We order a couple of beers and take
a seat at a small table. A few minutes later, someone taps Kenny on the
shoulder and Kenny nods and gets up. He walks onstage and grabs the mic.
    “I’ve got a bit of a surprise for
all of you,” he purrs into the mic in his drawl, “I’m happy to say my little
girl has returned home, though she’s not so little anymore. And she’s one hell
of a singer and guitar player. I'm proud to introduce my daughter, Paige
    The crowd claps their hands and
cheers in response. Kenny has a big goofy grin plastered across his face as
Paige walks out onstage.
    “Holy shit! Did you know about
this?” Ryan asks, drinking in Paige. Ryan and I became friends after college,
but I never told him about Paige.
    “I knew a little,” I admit, “Paige
and I used to know each other as kids.”
    “Damn!” Ryan says appreciatively,
shaking his head. “I’m glad you’ve got Savannah now. I’m going to be all over
    “You better watch it,” I growl.
    Paige takes the mic. "Thank
you all for coming tonight, it's great to be back in Nashville." She says in
her soft,

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