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Authors: Christina Lauren
possessive hand from my hipbone to my shoulder, stopping at every curve along the way, I understood what he was doing.
    He was giving me something other than the wedding to think about.
    He was being a withholding ass so I would torment him.
    He was making me torment him, and pretending to hate it.
    He was ensuring that this week would feel like us , and we could be outwardly focused on everyone else while staying focused only on each other behind every blink, in every dark room, and in each one of our private thoughts.
    Bennett was ensuring that we would see each other at either end of the aisle and know we made the best choice of our lives.
    “You’re pretty brilliant, do you know that?” I asked, curling into him and running a hand up over his shoulder and into his hair.
    He pressed his lips to my neck and sucked. “You can thank me later, Einstein.”
    He turned his head to kiss me and I groaned into his touch. His lips were so firm, so commanding and I gave in to him as he parted them and pressed his tongue inside, sweeping, searching.
    I shook when his hands returned to my skin, warm and rough, feeling every curve and dip, every small hollow. I felt the hard press of his cock against my stomach and tried to roll him on top of me.
    “I want you inside,” I said. I heard my own voice and it was hoarse and needy. I ran my hands up his neck, cupping his face and trying to pull him closer.
    But he inhaled, turned and pulled my fingers into his mouth.
    “Fuck,” he groaned, taking each of them between his lips and rolling them over his tongue, tasting my sex. He pushed my hand away, sweeping a frustrated palm over his face and rasping, “Goddamnit . ”
    Before I could hold on and keep him there, he’d rolled out of bed and walked back to the bathroom, slamming the door behind him.

Chapter Four
    I could barely open my eyes the next morning.
    Bright yellow sun filtered through the open balcony door, warming my skin where it cut across the bed. I could taste the salt in the air; hear the sound of the tide as it washed along the beach. I could feel the heat of Chloe’s body where it pressed against my side. Naked.
    She mumbled something in her sleep, slipped a smooth leg up and over mine, and shifted closer. The sheets smelled faintly of her perfume and even more of her.
    With a groan, I extricated myself from her grip and very carefully rolled her to her side. Swinging my feet to the floor, I stood, looking down at my very hard, very selfish dick. Really? I thought. Again? I’d gone to the bathroom on two separate occasions last night—both before and after Chloe’s little one-woman show—and still. Always the traitor.
    Chloe thought I was brilliant for having us wait until Saturday, when in reality it was starting to feel like the worst idea I’d ever had. I felt anxious and on edge—aware of a persistent hum beneath my skin and a need for exertion—to fuck until I was too tired to stand or sit, too exhausted to do anything but fall into bed and pass out.
    Under normal circumstances I’d have cut off my right hand before considering leaving a warm bed and naked Chloe. But these weren’t normal circumstances, and frankly, my right hand had proven invaluable the last few days.
    I’d almost caved last night, and at this point, it would
be like surrendering to the enemy. I needed to get out of here.
    I found my phone in the living room and typed a message to Max. I need to run. You in?
    His response came less than a minute later. Definitely. I’ll grab Will and meet you at the main
pool in 10?
    See you then I typed back, and tossed my phone to the couch.
    I’d have time to jerk off, clean up, and escape the room before Chloe was even awake.

    Max had most definitely gotten laid. I watched him as he neared the pool, hair a mess and limbs loose and relaxed. It would be easy to hate this guy if I wasn’t so damn happy for him.
    Okay, no. I still hate him a little.
    “You look disgustingly

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