Ripper's Torment

Free Ripper's Torment by Sam Crescent

Book: Ripper's Torment by Sam Crescent Read Free Book Online
Authors: Sam Crescent
    Once all the soap was off his hands she expected him
to take his turn. That was not the case. His hands rubbed against her skin,
taking his time almost as if to memorize her shape. Up his hands went to cup
her tits. His thumb pressed on her nipples then pinched them creating a spark
of pleasure that took her completely by surprise.
    She whimpered.
    “Are you nice and wet for me, Judi?” he asked,
whispering the words against her ear.
    Jerking her head, she had no choice but to stand in
his arms waiting.
    “I didn’t hear you.”
    “I’m wet,” she said, crying out.
    One of his palms cupped her pussy. She felt him slide
between her folds, going down to sink a finger inside her.
    “Fuck, baby, you’re fucking wet.” A second finger was
added inside her stretching her out. “You’re tight as well. I’m a big man,
baby. I’ve got to make sure you can fit me inside your tight little cunt.” He
pumped his fingers in and out of her pussy. Each delicious pump of his hand
made it hard for her to concentrate. There was a burning sensation from being
stretched from his fingers alone.
    From the moment Devil entered her life she’d not been
with a man since. She didn’t touch herself or invite men to think anything
else. Judi had kept them at arms’ length until Ripper. There was so much more
she wanted from him but couldn’t find the right words to tell him what she
really wanted.
    “Do you always talk?” she asked. His words were not
offending her. They turned her on. He had one of those voices that struck her
hard, melting her.
    “Baby, I want the woman I’m with to know what I want. Get
used to me talking, telling you what I like.”
    She whimpered as another finger penetrated her pussy.
    “Get used to this pussy being fucked. When you let me
inside your body, Judi, I know I’m going to be in heaven. You’ll give me
everything and take everything I’ve got to give you.” He worked his fingers in
and out. Her cream lubricated his movements. Biting her lip, she reached out to
the wall to hold herself up. Palms flat, she felt his body still pressed firmly
behind her. “Your pussy is going to be like heaven. I’m never going to be able
to find pleasure anywhere else. Will you give me your pussy whenever I need to
fuck?” he asked.
    She closed her eyes, thinking about what he said.
There was a time the thought of sex repulsed her, but not anymore. Her body was
on fire for Ripper and his brand of sex.
    “Please,” she said, moaning as his thumb pressed to
her clit.
    “Do you want to come over my fingers, baby? Do I get
to feel your cream soaking my fingers?”
    Words failed her as her body took over demanding to be
    “Come on, Judi, give me your orgasm. Let me hear you
    Nothing else mattered. Her past fell away, and the
only people left in the world were her and Ripper.
    “Trust me, baby. I’ll be here to catch you, always.”
    His thumb stroked over her nub, and her orgasm crashed
over her, taking her breath away. Her grip on the wall held her up.
    “That’s it, Judi. I can feel your cream coating my
fingers. Give me your cum.”
    Ripper’s words tore into her soul leaving nothing in
its place. She never thought she’d be able to have something like this with
anyone else. Every word that left his lips opened her up to more.
    “Such a good
girl. Give me it all.” His touch didn’t stop until he was
    Slowly, he moved his hand away holding her hips.
    “Now it’s your turn to wash me.” He took her place
standing under the water. She picked up the soap then started to touch his
skin. His back was covered in tattoos. None of them really stood out. His flesh
was a work of art.
    “Do you have a thing for needles?” she asked,
caressing down his back.
    “I love feeling the bite in my skin.”
    The designs were amazing, beautiful, and breathtaking,
like the male. His hair darkened from the water. She soaped his back and ass
going to her knees to do his

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