The Baller's Baby
other knifed through his body, making his eyes close as the chains of control snapped tight. His hands found the wiry mass of black hair on her head, kneading her scalp gently despite the desire she fueled with her avid mouth. Her tongue swam around the girth of his erection, eliciting a moan of pleasure that was a completely male showing of pleasure. Unable to stand anymore foreplay, Cole reached down, pulling Stacey up. “I need you.”
    The harshness in his voice sent a chill of intense hunger through Stacey's already humming system. Ripe and more than ready for him, Stacey didn't have words to describe the way it felt to have Cole's hard, ready erection against her. Still wearing the light cotton panties, the white a stunning, sexually charged contrast to her dark skin, Stacey felt the resistance against her body as Cole pressed against her entrance, over and over again. “Cole...”
    “I want you weak from wanting me.”
    How did you show the man you loved just how much you wanted him? Stacey wondered, drawing on the very little knowledge she had in the area of bedded bliss. Hadn't she been doing just that merely a minute ago? Arching her smooth back, Stacey reached for Cole's hands, drawing them slowly up her rib cage until they cupped her peaked breasts. Eyes closed to absorb every sensation, Stacey heard the ripping of cotton and felt her breasts fall heavily into Cole's large hands as he simply decimated the fabric of her bra. Moving as if she swam in the ocean, Stacey felt the wetness of Cole's warm tongue just before his lips took one tight nipple between them. Her body spiked with pleasure Stacey gasped, her body so taught, so ready. Reaching down, she tore the light cloth of her panties herself, unable to give voice to the massive need inside her. Drowned in love, Stacey took Cole's length into her in one passionately violent thrust. Both lovers moaned out their pleasure as their stimulated bodies finally joined in a union that destroyed any and everything that had come before.
    Flipping her over Cole drove into her, watching as her whole body absorbed the heat of their passion. “Ugh,” Stacey moaned in delight, reaching over her head to grasp anything that would ground her as Cole propelled them both toward oblivion. His mouth was on her again, suckling her breast like a starving babe. The exquisite pain that gave such a heady punch to pleasure. She felt her hips being lifted, before the knife of arousal pierced her again, Cole's cock sliding into her, driving her relentlessly toward their peak. Stacey was ineffective in stopping Cole's passion. Nor could she seem to steer it or even slow it down. Her lover, the man she'd now given all of herself to, was hell bent on bringing her an orgasm to outdo all others. She wondered fleetingly if they'd survive this all consuming union. Before she could be sure of anything, Cole plunged into her, over and over again, with a rhythm that knew only the release of climax. Stacey fell over the cliff, unable to do anything except feel as she pulled Cole with her into the sweet abyss of completion.
    Cole strained to hold his spent body up, unwilling to crush Stacey beneath his weight. When she reached around his shoulders and tugged, he simply lost the fight and lay on top of her. When her smiling mouth found the hot flesh of his neck, Cole knew a sweetness he'd never known with anyone before her. He was so used to women who screwed for the equal release he strove for, that finding a woman who sought his pleasure, as much if not more than his own, truly astonished him. He was sorry to say that it worried him a little too. What did she hide behind all that sugary sweet attitude? Disgusted by his

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