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Authors: Cassidy Hunter
Tags: Fiction, Suspense, Romance, Paranormal
heart pumped with excitement as she watched them. Watching them together never failed to take her to a whole new level. Trey kissed Michael with a hard wildness that lit a fire of need inside her, and she could barely restrain herself from jumping into the middle of them.
    The two men grappled on the ground. Their lovemaking looked almost like a fight, but she knew it was not. It was a wolf’s passion, and she felt the power of it overflow and dance along her skin like a surge of electricity.
    Her nipples hardened to painful points, and her clit began to pulsate with an energy she couldn’t ignore. Panting, she thrust her fingers between her thighs to try to satisfy her eager body so that she could watch and wait. The wait was worth the end result. But she was so very impatient.
    Trey pushed Michael onto his hands and knees and with little patience, thrust his cock inside the other man.
    Michael’s scream was more like a howl, and Selene felt suddenly as if something heavy was sitting on her chest. Oh, the power.
    She watched them battle their natures and not shift, and massaged herself with frantic fingers. Her groans joined Trey’s as he plunged into Michael, and finally she crawled to them, unable to resist touching them.
    She put her palms on Trey’s ass, pushing as he thrust, then slid one hand down to grasp his balls. His breathing was harsh, his grip so hard on Michael’s flesh she knew he would leave some bruises on the other wolf.
    “Go to Michael,” Trey said, his words barely distinguishable coming from between his clenched teeth, but she knew why he sent her there. With an almost embarrassing eagerness she left off touching Trey to position herself in front of Michael.
    “Closer,” Michael whispered, his face so tight she thought for a second that maybe he really was feeling more pain than he liked.
    Then he smiled at her, his sexy, beautiful smile, and she scooted on her bare ass toward his luscious mouth.
    She leaned back, supporting herself on her elbows, and watched Michael as he lowered his mouth to her pussy and began eating her with such a fervent passion she cried out, shot an almost shocked look at Trey, and came.
    He didn’t stop. She screamed as her orgasm thundered through her, and when it ended and she tried to move away to let her sensitive, still vibrating clit recover, he wrapped his arms around her lower body and kept eating her.
    She came again before she realized she was going to, and above Michael she watched Trey find his own orgasm. They came together, and almost before Trey had pulled his cock from Michael, Michael was pushing his cock into Selene.
    She wrapped her legs around his waist, baring her throat to his lips, his tongue, his teeth. When Trey crawled beside her and lay stretched out on the ground, squeezing her breast, she reached for his still hard cock and held on as Michael fucked her hard, deep, and fast.
    Her name sounded so sweet falling from Michael’s lips. She closed her eyes and let another orgasm take her as Michael came, and then finally, they all lay in a tangled, sweaty, satisfied heap on the ground.
    “Too fast?” Trey murmured.
    She laughed weakly. “Oh no. It was perfect. Tonight I needed hard and fast.” She patted Michael’s back gently. “You two always know.”
    And they did.
    The air was heavy with the scent of rain and a thunderstorm yet to arrive but the night was full of promise, not the heaviness of dread she usually felt when a storm was on the way.
    No, her storm had come and gone, and now life was full of only good things. Dreams, truth, love.

    The End

    About the Author:

    Cassidy Hunter is an erotic romance writer published with Liquid Silver Books, Loose Id, and Etopia Press. She lives in a small town in Ohio and spends every available moment writing, plotting, and learning more about the craft. She's also back in school, majoring in Athletic Training.

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