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Authors: Alexis Lauren
quivering stomach.  He undid her pants as he kissed her, then slowly slid them down her legs.  After riding her of her pants, he crawled up the bed to lay next to her.  He grabbed her hand and kissed it, rubbing his thumb over her knuckles.
    "Is your hand ok Rocky?"  He asked between kisses.
    "Yeah, its fine.  I'm really sorry about that.  I just got so jealous and so angry.  I'm not usually like that."
    "It's ok.  Just don't make a habit out of punching everyone.  She deserved it though.  I have to say, if the roles were reversed, and I saw a guy hanging on ya'll like that I'd have done the same thing."  He said as he looked into her eyes.  He kissed her again and she ran her hands down his stomach.  "God, you make me so nervous."  He whispered as her hands reached for the button of his pants.  "If ya'll want to stop, do it now, because once you undo my pants, I think all my control will go out the window."
    "I told you I don't want to stop."  She said after unzipping his pants.  "You know, you make me nervous too.  But my desire far outweighs my nerves."  She said as she slipped his pants past his ankles.  She stood from the bed and walked into her bathroom and reappeared seconds later with a box of condoms.  Willow stood next to the bed and slowly pushed her panties down her legs, then stepped out of them and crawled back on the bed.
    Brody slipped off his boxers and rolled on a condom.  Willow gasped as she watched.  "Now I see why they call you 'Big Tex'!"  She teased.  Brody laughed and laid between her legs.  He prepared her for his entry, and as he took her, Green Day's 'Time of Your Life' played over the stereo.
    After two intense climaxes, they both lay spent in each other’s arms enjoying the closeness that they shared.

Chapter 8 Another Sad Goodbye
                The next morning, Willow woke up in Brody's arms.  She felt as if the whole world could fall down around her, and as long as she was in his arms, it wouldn't matter.  She could definitely get used to waking up with him like that every morning, if only they lived in the same place.
                Brody woke up to little kisses being placed all over his chest.  He smiled as he looked into Willow's eyes.  "Morning' darling'."  Brody whispered and then kissed her lips.
                "Good morning Country Boy.  Sleep well?"  She asked.
                "Hell yeah, you wore me out last night darling'!"  Brody laughed.  He looked into Willow's eyes and asked hesitantly, "You don't regret last night, do you?"
                "No, not at all.  I'm really happy that it happened."  She said.  "Do you regret it?  I know you had wanted to wait."
                "Well, yeah I wanted to wait because I wanted to get to know you better, but I also couldn't fight my feelings forever.  It seemed right last night, and it still seems right.  I'm glad that we did it.  We still have a lot of getting to know each other, but I think what we did is part of the 'getting to know you' process.  For instance, now I know that you like to be kissed here…" He said and then kissed her neck, just below her jaw line.  "…and here…" He kissed her shoulder.  "…and here…"  He kissed her nipple.  "…and I know it makes you squirm when I kiss you here."  He said as he kissed her belly button.  "So, no, to answer the question, I definitely don't regret it."
                "That's good to know, because after those kisses, I think I need a replay of last night."  Willow said just before he kissed her and made love to her again.
                After they both took a much needed shower, together, they went to the kitchen where Sierra was cooking breakfast and Micah was sitting at the table watching her.
                "So Willow, yesterday I found out that Sierra is an Interior Designer, but she wouldn't tell me what you do.  Why so secretive?"  Micah

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