Unfiltered & Unlawful (The Unfiltered Series)
Hell, she was determined to get up and fix dinner for him when he stopped by her place because she had the flu. The girl was fierce. If he’d met her before she met Tommy, he might have considered setting down real roots for a change.
    “Sugar’s the problem then?” a voice asked.
    He turned and found Betsey standing in the shop, looking like she was ready to offer him a hug and a pat on the head.
    “The bunny deterrent? You’re hung up on her, and that’s why you’re on this chastity kick, right?” Betsey clarified when Adam didn’t reply.
    “Sasha’s a friend.”
    Betsey snorted. “ I ’m a friend, so are Hawk, Chelsea, and Viking Mike. You don’t pin any of them to the counter. I’ve seen all sorts of nonsense, Adam, but that’s the first time I had to walk out of the room here. You two looked like you were ready to ignite.”
    “Leave it alone, Bets.”
    She held her hands up in surrender. “I’m just saying you need to either fuck her or find an outlet because you’re a bitch lately. It’s like you’ve got man-PMS and went on a crash diet at the same time.”
    She waved her hand like she was brushing it away. “The point, my dear bunny-bait, is that something tells me that you haven’t ever been pussy-free since… you were old enough to want it.” She looked at him slowly from boot to shaved head, and then she shook her head and grinned. “Like I told Sugar, I don’t fuck where I work, but if I did, I’d be here to help you with your problem. I’m not, and if she’s not either, you need to get some from one of the willing thumpers.”
    Adam closed his eyes and willed himself not to snarl at her. Betsey was trying to be a friend. There was nothing she was saying that was untrue either. He’d just spent the past several months working to get closer to Sasha, avoiding his usual casual encounters. He thought that would show her that she mattered. He’d been patient, not rushing her, but not getting caught up in anything else.
    And now she was back with Tommy.
    “Fuck it,” Adam muttered. “When’s my first appointment?”
    Betsey looked at the book. “Three.”
    “Call Mike. See if he can come in early.”
    “Are you taking the day off?”
    Ignoring her question, Adam walked back to his station. He wasn’t going to tell the office manager/tattooist in training that he was walking out to get his dick wet and attitude improved. She knew far too much as it was.
    Once he heard that Mike was on his way, Adam called Ella. “You free for an hour or two? It’s Adam.”
    “I can be.”
    “Meet me at my place in thirty minutes.”
    She laughed. “Definitely.”
    Adam disconnected and looked up to see his reflection in the mirror. This was who he was. He was a fool to try to change.
    There weren’t any appointments, and Mike was less than twenty minutes from arriving when Adam walked out. Betsey, smartly, said nothing as he passed her.
    His one concession to bad decisions was foregoing a helmet. Arizona allowed riders to decide for themselves if they were over eighteen. It was stupid. He’d heard plenty about guys dying in accidents, but he needed to keep a few vices. Women and his Super Glide Harley Davidson were the two he couldn’t give up. He straddled his bike and headed toward the one-room studio apartment he’d called home the past few years. It wasn’t much, but he didn’t need much. He wasn’t staying in Rio Verde forever. It was just a stop along the road. All he needed was a rental garage to store his Explorer and bike trailer, a small apartment to store his few things, and some cash for food, rent, and a gym membership since hauling his own weights around was impractical. He didn’t want to be tied down with things.
    The ride to his apartment was too short for his mood, but hopefully Ella would remove some of his stress. Three months without sex had been hell on his mood. The only times he’d felt good lately were when he had worked out hard enough that

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