The Sheikh's Secret Bride
the underside of his jaw, moving her lips upward until they covered his once again. She’d wanted him unbearably for over a week and now her sexual frustration boiled over in an unstoppable flood of desire. She’d have let him have her right there on the balcony if he’d wanted.
    Nassir seemed to have other plans in mind, however, as he picked her up and walked back to the elevators. Once inside, he plundered her mouth again as the car descended along with her inhibitions. The doors opened to what appeared to be a private apartment, and Nassir set her down then led her into the spacious, well-appointed set of rooms.
    “Come, kalby .” He took her hand and led her through to a luxuriously appointed bedroom then and laid her down on black silk sheets. The blinds were drawn and he pushed a button next to the bed to fill the room with soft muted light.
    Above them, the ceiling above the bed was a giant mirror. She watched as Nassir shed his robes and gained a new appreciation for what she’d always considered tacky bedroom decor. Once naked, he stood before her unashamed as he pulled her to the edge of the bed to remove her slacks and button down shirt. At last, she lay before him, naked and ready.
    “You are so beautiful, kalby .” His tone turned reverent as he mapped every inch of her body with his lips and his hands, kissing his way down her chest, stopping to pay homage to her breasts then continuing on to her navel.
    Janna couldn’t get enough of him, his strong shoulders and muscled chest. His tight, brown little nipples that hardened at her touch.
    When he used his hands to part her thighs, she felt a moment of unease, but he quickly covered her body with his own, and the heat of him dissolved the question as quickly as it was formed.
    “Janna, tell me you want this as much as I do.” He parted her thighs and moved between them. “Tell me you want me inside you, pleasuring you.”
    She writhed beneath him, revelling in his heat, his hardness against her softness. “Yes, I want you too. So much. Just go slow, please. I’m new at this.”
    Nassir stilled above her, forcing her to look at him. “Janna. Kalby . You’ve never done this before?”
    “No.” Janna frowned. “Is that a problem?”
    “No.” He smiled down at her and kissed her gently, a myriad of emotions flickering through his beautiful ebony eyes—desire, happiness, possession. “I will treasure this gift forever, kalby. ” His words tightened around her heart and brought tears to her eyes. “Now wrap your arms around my neck and your thighs around my hips.”
    Janna followed his instructions, moaning low and deep as he fingers traced over her wet folds, once, twice, then a single finger slipped inside her to knead her swollen clitoris. No one but herself had ever touched her this way and if felt incredible. He seemed to know exactly how to touch her for maximum effect. He leaned in closer to whisper in her ear, “You are so ready for me, kalby. ”
    “What does that mean, ‘kalby?’” she asked, arching hard against his talented hands.
    “My heart.” He kissed her deeply, thrusting first one, then two fingers inside her slick channel, stretching her body for him, preparing her for his invasion. He increased the pressure on her throbbing clitoris as he pumped his fingers within her, curving them slightly to press upward about an inch inside her and her entire body tightened with need.
    Release loomed close, closer, so close she could taste it.
    “You’ll have to teach me more of your language, if I’m going to stay here.”
    Nassir chuckled. “Do not worry, kalby . I will teach you many, many things.”
    His questing finger grew more insistent and the pressure inside Janna grew to unbearable levels. “Oh,” she moaned, bucking harder against him. “I’m close.”
    “That’s it, kalby . Let go for me. Give me your passion.”
    Janna’s head fell back and she closed her eyes, surrendering to the want inside her. Soon, her

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