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toward the door, longing to open it, so much so that he was leaning against the wood.
    “He thinks I was tricking him,”   Markus said. How could he leave while his mate thought that Markus was that kind of person?
    The large wolf head nodded.   “I know, but you can’t convince him otherwise right now. Come home and we’ll discuss how you break the news to him.”
    That had Markus’s heart lifting a little. Words like that from his leading alpha could only mean that James had heard enough for himself, as far as Lance’s story went.
    They were going to let him in on the secret, and much sooner than  Markus had expected, too.
    This was good. The sooner Markus could explain what he was, and let Lance know that he hadn’t been making a joke out of him while he was inside of him, the better.

One-Night Stand with a Werewolf                   61

    Still, it took no small amount of effort for him to walk away from
    the door. All right.

    62                            Marcy Jacks

    Chapter Eight
    Lance was still seething, long after he’d wiped away his angry, and hurt, tears. The worst part about it was that he couldn’t remember the last time he’d cried like this, and that humiliation only made the situation that much worse.
    Thank God he’d gotten Markus out of the motel room before he could start bawling. For the man who had been making fun of him once he’d had his conquest to see something like that would have been too much.
    He couldn’t believe he’d been so stupid.
    Lance showered, pulled off the sheets they had both ruined from the bed, and threw them onto the floor in a corner. He righted the table he’d knocked over and then started setting up his MacBook.
    This had always calmed him. Even when he was a kid and the other kids had been making fun of him because his parents were putting him through therapy, flipping through the pictures of wolves he’d collected throughout the years or even reading the saved documents he had always lifted his spirits.
    Sometimes he thought that the boy who had saved him had never left. The wolf had protected him then, and just looking at the images of normal wolves brought him some comfort now.
    He wrote a quick post on his progress in Brampton and posted it to his blog.
    Markus he wouldn’t mention, even as a guide. He didn’t even want to think about that asshole.
    How could he have believed that someone as normal and
    gorgeous and nice and…well, he still could hardly believe he’d been

    One-Night Stand with a Werewolf                   63

    taken in. Lance should’ve known better than to think anyone would  understand him enough to think he wasn’t crazy with his beliefs. He  would never make that mistake again.
    His one-night stands would stay one-night stands from now on.
    After more than an hour, his cell phone rang.
    He picked it up, keeping his eyes still on the screen as he reread  the stories of the changelings from the days of old Scotland.
    “Lance! How’ve you been?”
    Lance groaned and rolled his eyes, right before covering them  with his hand and pinching the bridge of his nose.
    “Fine, Buddy, how are you?”
    It wasn’t that he didn’t like Buddy. He did. But sometimes the guy  was just a little too cheerful for Lance’s liking. Now was one of those  times.
    “Doing great. I might have some more pictures for you. How’s  your trip going? Did you find out anything?”
    Yeah. He was pretty enthusiastic.
    “A little. I had a guide but had to let him go. He had something he  needed to deal with, so I’ll have to find another.”
    “Bummer. Did he at least get to take you around?”
    Lance thought about the wolves they’d seen. “Yeah, and we saw  some pretty big wolves, but they always scattered before I could get  any pictures.”
    “How big were they?” Buddy asked.
    The wolves had always been at a distance or an angle, but if he  had to guess, he

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