Craving Her (Keeping Her Series Book 4)

Free Craving Her (Keeping Her Series Book 4) by Kelly Lucille

Book: Craving Her (Keeping Her Series Book 4) by Kelly Lucille Read Free Book Online
Authors: Kelly Lucille
the information they needed and he would be up
again.  No one hunted better than him, except possibly Logan; the two of them
together were unbeatable.  Add Eli on the computer and it was no wonder why the
detective branch of Lionsgate was fast becoming legendary.  They always found
who they were looking for.
    Lucas grunted at the not
unexpected news they had a traitor on the payroll.  It didn’t happen often
because the reputation of Lionsgate was such that most would not dare betray it,
but there were still exceptions, and they would still deal with them harshly
when they were uncovered.  Eventually, only the clinically insane would dare go
against this pack with betrayal in mind. 
    Shawn was not really
surprised when, without saying more than “stay with Miley and Cleo,” Lucas was
gone himself – not when he would have done the same.  But that left him with
Cleo, who was feeling . . . aggressive just now.
    “Come in Shawn,” she said,
smiling brightly at him as she pulled him forcefully across the threshold.  “Make
sure you are not available to spend the night if my father asks,” she muttered
low through her smile.  He blinked, but closed the twisted door as best he
could without answering.  What he was thinking was No way in hell.   He
turned back and took her in with his eyes.  He noticed she had changed into her
khakis and black t-shirt.  And she was packing. At least two guns and a
shitload of knives.  If she had any more handles peppering her person, she
would resemble a porcupine.  She also had on her shit-kicker boots with the
blade in the toe.  Clearly, she dealt with attempted kidnapping in her own
singular way. Why did that seem just as sexy as that black dress and boots from
a few hours ago?
    “Relax princess, the
likelihood of your father picking me or any of the unmated males to stay here
with you, alone, is slim to none. It’s more likely he’ll consider everyone,
reject us all, and stay here himself with you and Miley.”
    She blinked but lost her
fake smile.  “That was not the agreement,” she mumbled, but she was talking to
herself while she turned back for her kitchen.
    “Would you rather I
stayed?” he asked blandly to her back, and had the satisfaction of watching her
stumble a bit on her usually graceful strut.  If he had not been a shifter, he
would have never heard the low mutter that trailed behind her.
    “Only if you want to die
in your sleep, Tweedy.”  Since there was a definite bite to her words, and she
was walking away from him which gave him the mesmerizing view of her fine ass,
he was hit with a double reason not to stay the night, alone in her apartment. 
If the view didn’t kill him, the woman would.
    “Shawn,” Miley said her
eyes searching, “did you find out anything?”
    “Inside job,” he said
much more mildly then he felt.  “Lucas went down to discuss the situation.”
    “I bet he did,” Miley
mumbled, then went back to her coffee.  It was obvious she understood what was
happening downstairs, and just as obvious she was going to trust her mate to
handle the situation without getting arrested.  Always the voice of reason was
Miley.  It didn’t hurt that she was a latent shifter, who understood pack
dynamics, despite her not being able to shift on her own.  Add in the fact that
she was a healer who looked fantastic in her tight skirts and ultra-feminine
tops, she made a hell of a mate for Lucas, and Shawn could not be happier about
it.  Lucas deserved that more than anyone else he knew.  But he was not the
only one who was lucky so far in his choice of mate.  Clytie had become Demon’s
world, and Cassandra was just crazy enough to put up with both Mac and Ben. 
They had all gotten lucky in the additions to their packs.  Of course, as much
as he craved the spitfire hopping up to sit on her kitchen island, practically
clanking with the weapons on her dangerous person, and with those amazing legs
swinging against the cabinets,

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