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Authors: Jasinda Wilder
not hopeless,” Lane said, smirking.
    Jamie smacked his shoulder. “So you agree I’m a slutbag, then?”
    Lane narrowed his eyes. “This sounds like a verbal trap, but I’ll go ahead and spring it. Baby girl, you’re probably the only person who’s fucked more guys than me. And that’s saying something.”
    Jamie sighed. “That’s what I was afraid of. I mean, I knew it. But…maybe I don’t want that to be me anymore.”
    Lane, ever on his toes, nodded, his expression serious and genuinely concerned. “Well, sweetie, all I can say is, if that’s what you want, then you have to make it happen. Matty turned me around, that’s for sure. I haven’t so much as kissed another boy in the year and half I’ve been dating Matty. Which for me, is a record. Usually I’m bored and sucking cock in the bathroom by week three.”
    Jamie laughed, because it was funny, but also because it was true. Her expression sobered quickly though. “Are you in love with Matt? Are you happy?”
    Lane glanced past Jamie out the window, thinking before he answered. “Yes, I think   I am. When my need to keep him happy and faithful to me outweighs my desire for all the shiny new boytoys, you know he has to mean something important. I don’t want to let Matty down by being a ho, so I choose not to be a ho.” He shrugged as if it was simple math.  
    Jamie nodded, but inwardly question how easy it really was. “Well, if works for you, it can work for me. I just need to find the guy to inspire me down the straight and narrow.”
    Lane laughed. “No, honey. The straight and narrow is a myth. I’m still kinky as hell. I just get everything I need from him . That’s why it works.”
      They chatted for the rest of the ride down to Harpo’s and Jamie never even thought to question who they were going to see play. It didn’t matter, after all. She wasn’t going for the music.  
    When they entered the club, a band was finishing up their set with an instrumental hard rock number. Jamie and Lane got their drinks from the bar, and then made their way to the railing overlooking the pit. Vince, Nina and John and Kelly, who were friends of Nina’s that Jamie didn’t know, went down to the pit to get good spots for the next band, who it seemed they were there to see.  
    Jamie and Lane made small talk as the techies cleared the stage and reset it for the main act, then the lights went down and the distinct sounds of the band warming up clattered over the crowd.
    “Do you know who this is about to play?” Jamie asked Lane.
    Lane shrugged. “No, not really. I’ve heard Vince and Nina talking about this show for weeks, but they bought the tickets. I’m just along for the fun. I’m more of a Britney fan anyway, you know that. Hard rock is so not my thing.”
    The lights came up slowly, purple and red and blue washing in strobing pools over the stage. Then a spotlight lanced through the gloom to illuminate the lead singer.
    Jamie’s heart stopped.
    “Hey guys. It’s great to be back in D-town. How’s everybody doing?” The crowd went nuts, and when they settled down, he continued. “Awesome. Well, we’re Six Foot Tall, as you might have guessed, and I’m Chase Delany. So tell me, are ya’ll ready to rock?”
    Jamie was frozen to the spot, one hand clutching her third vodka cranberry, the other gripping the railing in a fist so tight her knuckles were white. No. No. Not now. I was just starting to be okay.
    That was a lie. She wasn’t okay. She would never be okay as long as Chase Delany was alive and not hers.
    She watched him rile the crowd all through the first number, getting them pumped and wild, moshing with violent abandon, psyching them into a frenzy. She couldn’t take her eyes off him. She was close enough to see his features, but too far to make out anything detailed. She needed to see him up close. She needed him to see her; she was afraid of what would happen if he did see her.
    Jamie turned to Lane and sank her

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