500 frases en inglés realmente útiles (La serie completa)

Free 500 frases en inglés realmente útiles (La serie completa) by Jenny Smith

Book: 500 frases en inglés realmente útiles (La serie completa) by Jenny Smith Read Free Book Online
Authors: Jenny Smith
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the father was glad they were safe, he went totally bananas and read them the riot act . Both of them have been grounded (are not allowed out) until they are 18 and they are never allowed to ever use their father’s car again. It just goes to show, things can get out of hand pretty quickly if you are not careful.

    To come clean: to admit to something.
    Example: My little sister said that she didn’t break my doll but she felt so guilty that she eventually came clean and confessed.

    To be fast asleep: to be completely asleep.
    Example: I was fast asleep when the doorbell rang.

    Oblivious to the fact (that): to be completely unaware of something.
    Example: He was oblivious to the fact that his wife was cheating on him for over 2 years.

    To go bananas: this means to get very angry. To go crazy.
    Example: He’s going to go bananas when he realises that he didn’t get the promotion he was promised.

    To read someone the riot act: to get very angry with someone. This can also mean to get angry and then tell someone off and lay down rules.
    Example: When my husband realised that I was so in debt he read me the riot act and banned me from using credit cards.

Never a Lender or Borrower Be

Part One

    I’m pretty easy going but if there’s one thing I draw the line at it’s lying. I’ve got a pretty close knit group of friends and I’d like to think that I know them all very well. But what do you do when two of your friends fall out ? Do you try to help them patch things up or do you take sides ? Like most groups of friends there are some people that you get on with better than others. In my case the ones that I’m closest with are Mark and Johanna. The only problem is, is that they don’t always see eye to eye . Mark is pretty serious while Johanna is more outgoing and fun. Anyway, everything was going along fine with our friendship group until Johanna suddenly stopped showing up whenever Mark was around.

    To be easy going: to be relaxed and easy to get on with.
    Example: He’s a pretty easy going guy, not at all stressful to be around.

    If there’s one thing (that I hate/annoys me….it’s…): this is used to emphasise something that you dislike.
    Example: If there’s one thing that scares me, it’s horror movies featuring ghosts.

    To fall out with someone: to stop being friends with someone.
    Example: I fell out with my sister when I was about 18 years old.

    To patch things up: to mend/fix something. This is often used to mean to mend a relationship; to become friends again.
    Example: Me and my husband are going to try and patch things up. Neither of us wants a divorce.

    To take sides: when two people/parties are arguing or fighting you choose one side and defend/join that side.
    Example: As a teacher it’s best not to take sides when children are arguing with each other.

    To see eye to eye: to agree with someone’s opinion/point of view. Often used as ‘we don’t see eye to eye’.
    Example: Even though we don’t always see eye to eye, we both want what is best for the company in the long run.

    Close knit group/family: this means that the group/ family has a very close relationship.
    Example: That company is a very close knit group. Not only do they work together they also socialise and go on holiday together.

Part Two

    At first I didn’t even really notice but then slowly it dawned on me that something was up . I asked Mark what was going on, but he just said “it’s nothing, don’t worry about it”. Anyway I sort of forgot about it until one day I was out with Johanna and I managed to get her to spill the beans . Apparently Johanna had lent Mark some money about a year ago. She was expecting him to pay her back pretty quickly but the whole thing started to drag on so she decided to ask him what the hold up was. He just kept saying that he’d pay her back soon, but then he never did.

    To dawn on one that: to suddenly realize that something is the

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