Reclaimed (The Phoenix Chronicles Book 1)

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Book: Reclaimed (The Phoenix Chronicles Book 1) by Erica Ortega Read Free Book Online
Authors: Erica Ortega
be so wild.”
    Summer held up two fingers. “Just two more weeks. Eighteen really makes that much of a difference? I just get older and all my problems are solved?”
    He folded his arms. “Just easier.”
    She raised her eyebrows. “Right, sounds reasonable.”
    Ash grumbled and left the table. He stormed off outside, leaving everyone else to stare after him.
    “He is so moody. Is Petar his only friend?” asked Summer.
    “Friend?” chuckled Tracy. “If that's what you want to call it. They tolerate each other. That's the closest thing that Ash can call a friendship.”
    “Why what?” asked Troy.
    “Why is he like that?” asked Summer as she gestured to where he had been sitting. “I get that there are people out there trying to kill wielders and that the powers are dying but, walking around angry isn't going to do much except make a person not want to help you out.”
    Tracy shrugged. “It's just his personality. We got here at the same time. He's been like that since day one.”
    Troy leaned forward and gestured for Summer to move closer. She hesitated before finally just giving in and listening.
    “I heard that he argues with the council a lot.”
    Summer pulled back. “Well that's his problem. I don't really care. I was just curious.”
    “Yeah,” nodded Tracy. “I'm sure a lot of people are just on edge because of everything happening. Ash included.”
    Summer nodded and pretended like she knew what they were talking about. The reality was she had no clue just how bad it had gotten. No one had told her who their enemy was, why they were being attacked, and if there was a solution. She guessed that would all happen with time but, who knew how much of that they had left. Being here was a gamble and being on the streets was a gamble. Staying in a big castle with magic was just less of a gamble.
    “Time to go,” said Troy. He winked at Summer. “See you out there.”
    Tracy clicked her tongue. “That guy flirts with every girl here. Pretty soon he's going to get himself into a situation that a few nice compliments won't get him out of.”
    Summer smiled. She liked Tracy. The girl had a personality that matched her element. Hot headed, quick witted, and dangerous. She was also easily diffused by others if her emotions got the best of her. She was meant to be a fire wielder.
    Summer still questioned if the power she was born with was real. She was awkward and clumsy with it. Granted, she was new but, every time she used it she had to hibernate like a bear. Her weakness was frustrating.
    They headed towards the field together where Summer did her best to keep her anxiety at bay. This time it wasn’t due to using her ability but, the attention it brought because of the last time she was out here. She knew people would be watching and talking. She just didn't expect every pair of eyes on her again.
    “I'm a celebrity,” she whispered.
    Tracy laughed, her braids swaying with the sudden movement. “Looks like it.”
    “Hurry up, girl!” Shouted Mario.
    Tracy grinned. “Good luck.”
    Summer grumbled and waved bye as she headed towards Mario. The short man was still just as intimidating the first time she met him.
    As she approached the group the other students slightly backed up. It was like she had some kind of invisible shield around her or the plague. She was going with the plague. That scenario was more interesting.
    “Come in,” growled Mario. “She doesn't bite but I will.”
    The new students reluctantly stepped closer to her until all of them formed a half circle in front of Mario. He looked over each one of them; his purple eyes just small slits against his pale face.
    “You will be paired with someone today. Defense is just as important as offense. Don't forget that.”
    Summer was partners will a terrified boy named Josh. He was a water wielder and had the biggest blue eyes she had ever seen.
    “I'm nervous too,” she said as they walked to their own part of the field.

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