Bear the Burden: McMahon Clan 3 (Fated Mates Book 6)
clenched tighter and tighter, until I was practically forcing myself inside. Wrapping my hand around her body, I played with her clit, determined to send her over the edge.
    “I’m coming,” she cried out, her pussy milking me with every stroke.
    Gathering moisture from her pussy onto my fingers, I slid my hand over her hip and down her ass. While she was at the height of her pleasure, I sunk a finger into her dark hole, swirling it around as she screamed out. I added another finger, stretching the tight, virgin flesh to make room for my cock.
    “Now, I’m going to claim the last part of you I can, a part of your body that will be mine and only mine.”
    When she didn’t offer any protest, I slid out of her pussy and reached for the lube I’d left inside the nightstand. Squirting some into my hand, I slathered my cock before moving into position. When I nudged her puckered opening, I felt her tense as the head of my cock started to push inside.
    “Easy now,” I soothed, running a hand down her spine until it rested on the top of her ass.
    I slowly worked my way into her tight hole, careful to limit the discomfort she felt. Once I made it past the tight ring of muscles, I pulled her back onto me. Slowly, inch by inch, until I was seated fully inside her ass.
    “Fucking perfect,” I groaned as I began to thrust gently. The sight of my cock sliding into her ass was the hottest thing I’d ever seen and had me quickly on edge. I refused to go over without her, so I reached around her body and stroked her clit, making her orgasm again. I stiffened inside her, my hot come filling her ass and marking her with my scent from the inside. I was reluctant to leave her body, but knew I’d cause her pain if I stayed in her ass much longer. I allowed myself a couple more thrusts before I gently pulled out and rolled to the side, gathering her onto my chest.
    We lay there panting, my hands wrapped in her hair as we both tried to catch our breath. I was enjoying the closeness of this moment, my heart finally starting to slow, when she suddenly jumped out of bed. “Carrick!”
    Her face paled and she swayed, falling to her knees and pulling me out of my stupor. I raced to her side. “What is it?”
    Her eyes clouded over and it felt like she was no longer in the room with me even though I was holding onto her. With my mate’s limp body in my arms as she trembled and mumbled under her breath, I’d never been more terrified in my life. By the way she’d just screamed my dad’s name, I knew he had to be in trouble too, but there was no way I was going to let go of her until she came back to her senses.
    “Selene, baby,” I whispered, sweeping her hair from her forehead and staring into her eyes, praying she’d snap out of it soon.
    She screamed, a torturous sound of pain. A burst of light streamed out of her mouth and scattered in the air. When the last bit flickered away, Selene fell silent. Her lips were blue and dark circles ringed her eyes, a sharp contrast to the paleness of her skin. My heart fell at the sight, fearful she’d died in my arms. I lowered my ear to her chest, desperate for the sound of her heartbeat—praying for a sign of life. For one brief moment, I lost hope and then I heard it, the soft thud of her heart. I cried out in relief and leaned over her mouth to make sure she was breathing. When I felt a puff of air escape her lips, my knees gave out and I pulled her onto my lap as I fell to the ground.
    My attention was entirely focused on her, I barely heard the sound of my phone as it blared with my dad’s ringtone. Reaching an arm out to where I’d dropped my pants in my doorway, I was able to snag a leg of my jeans and pull them toward me. My unconscious mate wrapped tightly in one arm, I dug for my phone with my other hand. I wasn't going to get any answers from her until she woke up and I needed to know if there was anything I could do to help her while she was in this state. It was possible whoever

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