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Authors: Dani Evans, Okay Creations
A new shiver spreads throughout my body, but not from the cold. I’m tempted to turn around and devour him.
    He’s doing it again, that frustratingly good sensation of his lips nipping and sucking on my neck, but this time, he slides his hand under the hem of my shirt and caresses the flesh of my lower abdomen. He slides it up further and dips his fingers into my bra. Good thing we’re in a dark, semi private area of the dance floor so no one can see the naughty things he’s doing. I have to bite my tongue when he slides his hand down below the waistband of my jeans, fingers running slightly below my panties.
    Pushing his hand a little further down, he whispers huskily against the shell of my ear. “I want you… so fuckin’ bad.”
    How do I reply to that? Feelings mutual, Mr. Nash. Yeah, that won’t work, so I stay quiet, but I can’t stop thinking about it, how he’d touch me, what he’d feel like inside of me. I feel a tug in my lower abdomen at the thought and I smile inwardly.
    We dance, we relax, we dance, and close the bar down. I’m so exhausted, yet every cell within me is alive. I’ve never had so much fun on a date. We finally head out.
    After we get in his car, Jax leans back against the door, and lets his head fall back against the window. “Before you say no, I want you to know I’ll be alone mostly. The guys are all leaving and Kolby is going out of town next weekend. Soooo,” he pauses, “I want you to come to the frat house. It’ll be just the two of us.”
    “I wish I could, and I would say yes, but I’ve got a family deal going on. Can’t get out of it. Sorry.”
    Jax’s turns in his seat, latches his seatbelt, and starts the car. He doesn’t say much, but only looks on as he drives ahead. I wonder if I said or did something wrong, but I’m not about to ask. I close my eyes and let my mind wander. I feel a familiar ache in my heart. I’m getting too attached to him.
    When the car comes to a halt, I open my eyes and I raise my head. We’re at the dorms.

    “THAT WAS A quick ride,” Timber says, attempting to break the silence between us.
    I nod.
    She stares at me and I can tell she’s uncertain of what to do. Why am I treating her this way? I’m irritated that she won’t come to the fraternity house. She could cancel her plans. I mean, how often am I alone there? Never. And the one opportunity I can offer her, she says she’s got plans already. Okay, so I’m being a dick and she doesn’t deserve it.
    Leaning forward, she snatches her purse, and slips out of the car. “Goodnight,” she says but doesn’t look back.
    “Wait,” I holler as she nears the entrance. Then she turns slightly to find me rushing toward her.
    “Yeah?” Timber asks in a wobbly voice.
    I reach for her hand and lift it to my lips. I kiss her fingers softly. “Sorry.”
    “Did I do something wrong?”
    I drop her hand. “Yes.”
    Her head falls, and she stares intently at her feet. In a meek voice, she asks, “What did I do?”
    I reach my arms around her and pull her into me. Then I lean in and nuzzle my nose into her neck.
    She tries to push my head away. “That gives me the chills,” she says.
    “You didn’t do anything wrong, but I don’t like what you’re doing to me.” I bite the sensitive skin between her neck and collarbone.
    “Why are you mad at me then?”
    I run my thumb over her lips. “Sh.” I lean in and capture her mouth with fierce urgency.
    God, I want her. With every stroke of my hands, she melts further into me and pants breathlessly.
    “I can’t get enough of you.” I twirl a section of her hair around my fingers. “I know you have to go, so I’ll be on my way, but when can I see you again?”
    She clears her throat. “Uh... well... after I return from my mini vacation home?”
    “I can’t wait.”
    “Me neither.”
    I stroke her cheeks with my thumbs before dropping my hands to hers. Shaking my head, I tell her, “I’ve got to get out of here.

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