The Next Contestant

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Authors: Dani Evans, Okay Creations
Now.” Then I release her and head toward my car.
    I watch her step behind the glass door and peek over her shoulder at me. With a jaunty wave, she turns and disappears.

    IT’S FRIDAY NIGHT and I can’t get Timber out of my head. Since she is out of town, I do the next best thing. I call her.
    “I love the taste of your lips, your tongue, your neck, your skin—” She starts laughing. “What… why are you laughing?”
    She inhales and exhales. “I’m… well… okay so I laugh when I get nervous… and I… and… well, I’m also swooning over your compliments. You’re so nice, sweet… different.”
    “Different? As in different from your previous boyfriends?”
    “Yeah, kind of. Well, yes, but different, not like the rumors I’ve heard about you.”
    Ah, yeah. Different since she walked into my life. She makes me want to change, to be good, to be hers and hers alone. Nothing else matters anymore, nothing but her. And then I wonder what the hell I’m getting myself into. What the hell am I doing?
    “Hey,” she whispers.
    “Hey,” I mimic her.
    “Did… did I say something wrong… or was that too much info?”
    “No. Not at all. Why?”
    She clears her throat. “You kind of went silent after my confession.”
    “No, beautiful. I’m thinking about you, about how perfect you are, and wondering how the hell I got lucky enough to find you.” I pause. There’s static on her end and I’m certain she just covered the speaker on her phone while she lets out a nervous giggle.
    “Hey,” I say.
    “Hey,” she repeats, her voice soft and sexy.
    I can’t help it. I give a little moan. “I can’t wait to see you, to touch you, run my lips over yours, down your neck, across your collarbone—”
    She inhales sharply and now I wonder if I’ve went too far.
    “I… I have to go,” –definitely too far– “…can’t wait to see you, too,” she whispers.
    I hear someone knock on her door and then, “Hey, you decent?” a guy asks. His voice is familiar, but I can’t quite place it.
    “I’ve got to go. Talk to you soon,” she mumbles and hangs up.

    KOLBY ALMOST BUSTED me. He would have asked who I was talking to, then Jax would’ve recognized his voice and that would be the end of us. He’d think I was cheating on him! Not knowing the truth. Man, this sucks! All of Kolby’s teammates and friends know I’m off limits. Nobody wants to get their ass kicked and they all know that’s exactly what Kolby will do. He’s done it before. Devin is a perfect example. I don’t know what the fuck is wrong with my brother, why he’s so set on keeping me away from his friends, his teammates. Any other guy that isn’t on his team, doesn’t associate with him, or have a bad rep, no problem. Kolby doesn’t get involved in my affairs then. But he’s hell-bent on locking me out of his social circle.
    I’m not about to let him ruin what I have with Jax and if that means lying to both of them to keep Jax from kicking me to the curb, then I will, and have.
    I lie in bed and think about Jax, the way he touches me, his sensual but sexy as hell kisses—dear god, I hope he doesn’t break my heart. I’ve fallen so hard for him.
    My phone buzzes. It’s a text from Jax. I open it immediately.
    J: Why can’t you be here, by my side? I miss you.
    That. Is. So. Sweet!
    I wish I were there with you too. What are you doing right now?
    J: Lying in bed thinking about you.
    Thinking about me. What kind of things are you thinking?
    J: I don’t think you really want to know.
    Is that so?
    J: Yeah. I might scare you away if I tell you what’s on my mind.
    Okay so I need to be bold, say something to get him hot and bothered.
    What if I tell you I’m lying in bed in nothing but a lacy bra and thong?
    J: I’d ask you if you’re half naked because you’re thinking about me. Are you?
    I can’t believe I told him that!
    J: You wanna know

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